Home Decorators Ceiling Fan/Light Controller MR101Z - First Impressions

I have a fan like you with the start capacitor built into the original receiver (half-circle shaped receiver). Last night I took out the original receiver, opened it up, de-soldered the capacitor from the PC board, clipped the wires from the grommet, and then rewired per schematics on this thread: https://forum.smarthome.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=10220&SearchTerms=hampton,bay

Per other users experiences in the thread, I had to reverse polarity for downward from what was written, so what I ultimately wired looked like this:

                      120V Pwr



(WHT) (Blue) (BLK)
|------Light------| |
(WHT) (BLK) |
| |
| |
N --±------PINK------Motor----YEL—±–L
| |

Everything works great from the remote and the app, except the reverse function on the remote. As it is now, I’ll only be able to spin downward (cooling) and I’d have to rewire (flip flop the pink and yellow wires) to reverse it (not a good option). I’m pushing the reverse button on the remote while the fan is on (like the instructions say) and I hear a click and it acts like it’s trying to do something. Anyone have any ideas of how to make the reverse work from the remote?

EDIT: Looks like my schematic didn’t come through right after posting, so you may have to refer to the thread I linked to, but just swap the pink and yellow from what it shows…

I have the home decorators fan that has no pull chain only a handheld remote:


How do I integrate this with my ST hub? Do I need to remove the controller that is mounted above the fan with something else?

Replace that controller with this one

Edit - I did not see the link for the child devices in the post.

Nothing to see here … move on

Having some noob issues with this. The fan is up and connected. The KOF device handler is pointing to the Hampton Bay controller. The fan is recognized by SmartThings and I can turn the fan on and off through both the app and Google and Alexa. My issue is with these child devices. I don’t see them. I have gone into the classic app settings for the fan and deleted and recreated the child devices several times. I renamed the thing and deleted and recreated the child devices to no avail. Part of the issue is that I have never heard of child devices before adding this Hampton Bay controller. Excuse my ignorance. I have triple checked I am using the correct device handler. Where are these child devices found?

For anyone who might be struggling with the installation of this remote … here is an excellent video on YouTube showing step by step instructions for connecting this to ST.

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