Home Decorators Ceiling Fan/Light Controller MR101Z - First Impressions

Very cool. Well I’ll be watching. This may be a dumb question. Do you think it would be possible to purchase the Wink receiver only and skip the remote control? Do I need the remote for anything to pair the receiver?

Absolutely possible. The remote is not needed to operate it under SmartThings. It is just an added option for local control override. They will sell you the receiver only for $32 plus shipping. Pairing is achieved by cycling the power to the receiver and you don’t have to use the remote to do that.

Nothing like a HA installation to find all that dust accumulated in one place.

Thanks dalec for the photos of the model numbers of the remote and controller which matched what I had posted in another thread. I might have to go this route as well if the retail kit doesn’t come in stock in the next few months.

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So it would be possible to use a Minimote or other push button setup?

Absolutely but not totally yet. I have a minimote using Button Controller Plus so that I am able to “Toggle” the dimmer function on the ceiling fan. For example if the wireless remote or ST has the light on or off then by pressing my minimote button, I can toggle the light to the opposite condition either off or on and specify to what dimming level.

I also am able to toggle the devices On-Off switch for the light but not the motor. So far I haven’t seen the Speed1,2,3,4 exposed as switches or buttons that I can access.

@ranga is it possible to expose the speed settings or motor control like you have for the light control? I must be missing something.

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You will need to setup actions for each speed, the commands are available in the DTH as fanOne, fanTwo, fanThree, fanFour & fanAuto (Comfort Breeze mode). You can use CoRE to setup the minimote switches to trigger these.

Nice writeup @dalec

If you have any icons that I can use, please send them over and I will implement it. I dont see any fan related icons inbuilt in ST. Changing the labels to Low/Med/MedHi/High should be easy. But I dont like MedHi. If everyone likes that notation, I can change it too.

@dalec so my fan with an existing remote, I will just need to swap the receivers?

I can get some icons for you.

I don’t know if I like the text context either LOL. The manual calls speed 3 as Medium2

Fan Speed
• OFF - Turns fan off
• 1- Turns the fan to Low speed.
• 2- Turns the fan to Medium speed.
• 3- Turns the fan to Medium 2 speed.
• 4- Turns the fan to High speed.
• BREEZE- Randomly alternates fan speeds to
create an organic breeze effect.

You will be able to do that, but the existing remote may not work with the new receiver.

The remote and receiver talk to each other via RF and not Zigbee. Not all remotes and receivers are compatible due to proprietary nature of the protocol.

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everything @ranga said plus

…assuming your remote is a HomeDepot remote your chances are good that you can set the RF correctly . Being able to set the dip switches to communicate over RF is only half the issue however. Now the question is all about can the two devices understand each other. You can always test it and it won’t hurt anything.

It is sort of like me making a phone call to someone in France. Making the phone call is only getting me half way there because if I don’t speak french we really are not getting anything accomplished. But maybe I understand just a little french so I can do just a couple things.

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@dalec You’ve inspired me! Just purchased the actual Gardinier 52 in. LED Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan from HomeDepot and will be installing tonight!

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So I tried ordering the receiver, they want a six digit UPC found on the manual or the box. I tried the model and they said they couldn’t find it using the model number.

good grief, how can they expect any end user to keep a box with the UPC code? I didn’t see it in their online manual. I took a picture of the box for you with the UPC code 082392 432607

Here is the actual packing list with their reference numbers and item numbers for each part as well which they should be able fill the order with. However I don’t know which item is the receiver and which is the remote control

Thank you very much that worked the 12 digit UPC was required $38 each plus shipping

I just posted in your device handler thread with a little more detail.

So I’ve never actually installed a custom device handler. I have github attached to my ST IDE. Can one of you point me to the best write up or video going over installing a device handler?


If you need help installing this custom code @JDRoberts gave some excellent step-by-step instructions here. Remember you are installing a custom device handler NOT a custom smartapp.

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Thanks @dalec! I figured it out and got it installed. Loving the fan so far!


Anyone having issues with DTH control of fan dropping off a few times a day? It doesn’t show as being offline or anything. It just won’t respond to any commands via the ST app.