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Some people do, some people don’t. Kinda hard to predict whether you will.


Depends on how far you’re planning on putting it from your hub. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to have a zigbee repeater somewhere in between, if it’s a pretty good distance or through several walls. I recommend the IRIS smartplug at Lowe’s, if you need a quick zigbee repeater solution.

I made a post several weeks ago about WiFi channel interference maybe being a problem, but now I am having similar non response issues from the “further” of two fan controllers on the same switch, where the fans are only 6 feet apart and 20ft. from the hub through two walls.

Only resolution I have found is hard resetting of the Smartthings hub (v2) by unplugging power and removing backup batteries; then breaker resetting the fan controllers. Having to do this every 4 or 5 days is getting old.

Thinking about trying a repeater maybe.

Definitely worth trying.

@dalec I created an account to ask you more about this set up. I purchased one of those fan controls and remotes and installed it to my fan. I have a SmartThings Hub and an Amazon Echo and the SmartThings app recognize it right away and says successfully paired but the app is stuck or has stopped at please wait and hasn’t finished finalizing.

I followed the instructions to create a Smartapp using the device handler code linked but I get error messages. This is one of the error messages I get. I hope you can help tell me how to get this correctly working. Thank you.

@dalec hasn’t been around in a while. Someone else can confirm based on the error messages but it looks like you’re trying to install the code as a smartapp. This is a device handler and should be installed under “my device handlers”. If you’re unfamiliar, read here for more about custom code:

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@MarkTr Thank you very much for replying. I did do the code as a device handler and published it to me but it didn’t show up in my SmartThings app on my phone until the next day. Thankfully I have the fan working with the device handlers. Unfortunately I encountered a problem after I did. My Alexa isn’t controlling my TV anymore and if I control it via the Harmony app, it’s quite delayed. The Alexa still works my SmartThings plugins just fine but the TV and Dish through the Harmony hub isn’t responding correctly. Have you heard or seen of anyone having this trouble before? Is there conflict between the Wink receiver and the Harmony Hub? Any advice you can give me or direction you can point me in to resolve this, I would sure appreciate. Thank you!

Head on over to

I had this Harmony problem last night and a reboot of the Harmony hub fixed it. We’ll see for how long…

i for the life of me, cant get the controller to take the custome handler. i got them from home depot. they show up as “THING” and i can change the type to anything but this handler. anyone else have this problem>? i tried on 2 of them and nothing. they work on wink hub so i know they are not faulty.

I’m not quite sure what this means.

What happens when you try to change the device type to this handler?

I have four can lights wired in parallel to one wall toggle type switch. I am replacing them with four ceiling fans with LED lights. Can I add four of the Hampton Bay Controllers MR101Z into this system? Would each one show up as a separate device in ST and be controlled separately? Not sure how I would turn them on one at a time to find them in ST, would that be an issue?


Yeah you can have more than one controller on a circuit like that.

Each controller is a separate device in ST.

You could install one fan at a time, flipping the power back on each time, so that only one new fan tries to pair with the hub at a time.

Or if you install all fans at once and then flip the power back on, it should still be possible to pair them all. The ST app would only recognize one at a time, but once you save a new device it should just move on to the next one while the hub is in pairing mode.

If any of the controllers were to time out while waiting to pair, flipping the wall switch off and on again should put the device back into pairing mode

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Hello. I am looking for a little assistance on installing the HD controller.

This morning I installed the hardware and device handlers. All of the handlers have been published and are available via the ST application. Following the instructions, I have the fan off and put the ST application into ‘Add a Thing’. Once in discovery mode, I toggle the fan on via the remote. Unfortunately, the device is not discovered. The ST hub is version 2 and about 20 ft. away.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

You have to turn the power on/off via the wall switch or breaker. Using the remote does not kill power to the controller for discovery purposes.

Have 6 Hampton bay wink remote install

I lost connection control all of them.

Go check on IDE and is active and working
But lights never turn On neither the fan.

Any suggestions

They were working great until Monday that we have a power outage.

Thanks in advance

No need to post the same question in two threads.

Someone has already replied to you in the other thread.

Thanks in advance

I just installed 4 of these fans. They are working great. The one question my wife keeps asking me is “Is there a way to program the lights to come on when we flip the wall switch on?” Since it’s custom programming anyway I thought their might be a chance, but I’m too new to this know for sure.

See this suggestion above for a Z-wave replacement switch.

Otherwise you could go with one of the other button options. I use the Sylvania button with one of my fan controllers and it works well - tap up or down for light on/off, and hold up or down for fan on/off.

Does the light child handler need to be installed for the fan to work? I don’t have a light on my fan and would like it if the handler only had the fan control.