Home, AWAY and the other one, what do they actually do?

Folks…Probably the dumbest question ever asked in this forum. As a brand-new smartthings user… I recall when I started setting up the few bits I have… two multipurpose sensors, 2 power sockets and motion sensor… I noticed that during the setup process I had to tick (or assign) a box… It said: HOME, AWAY and there was another one. ( cant remember) I just ticked the HOME box and everything worked. But… I am trying to figure out what the other categories do, ( or don’t do ). For instance… what happens if I had assigned the power sockets to the AWAY category ??
I feel truly DUMB asking this question, but recall the words once spoken to me: The Dumbest question of all is the one you did not ask. Albert

Home, Away and Night. They are modes. You can learn more about modes in the following support article…

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jkp… THANKS !!! will now look at this link. I kick myself for not having found this link myself… but am hitting 74 this year and a lot of brain cells ( if they ever were there) are on long vacation!!! .

Excellent… will have a play JKP. Much appreciate this lightning fast reply !!! Smartthings for a dumb user !!!