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Hi all, I’ve been trying to install this today and there is a problem with the ruby version and I cant push to Heroku. Can the github be updated so that it uses Ruby 2.5.1, as it appears 2.3.3 is not longer compatible with Heroku-18?

(Gracjan) #1068

Can u share your theme to HADashboard. It`s pretty!
Second question. How do u have configured your thermostat on HADashboard? Can u share a code and write model thermostat?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #1069

It sure is pretty… but that post is from November 2014 (FOUR years ago); and @ronnycarr hasn’t been on the forum since December 2016!

Take a glance and a free 14-Day trial of ActionTiles. Because it is a pre-packaged dashboard builder web-App software designed to be used by thousands of SmartThings Customers, it isn’t quite as customizable (yet!) … we’re always looking for more support and ideas.


I was able to track down his widget but it does not work properly. I think the groovy file needs some modification to get it working correctly. I did manage to get RJC thermostat widget working if you wanted to try that one out. I dont know enough about this coding stuff so if anyone has knowledge and would like to get RonnyCarr widget working let me know and I can give you the widget.

(Raphael99 99) #1071

Hope someone help.
I got my HUB on but weather temperature widget is not working.
Can someone help me in working it?
Excuse my bad english.
Hope in reply

(Brandon) #1074

@frazell @cal1319 @Raphael99-99 @grax @raphael99

I’ve pushed another update with a few more adds so I’m going to group together the last couple weeks of updates here.

Some house keeping:

  • Updating FontAwesome to the latest and greatest version. Also calling the entire icon set from the CDN on the fly instead of storing assets locally. There was some CSS changes on their side for how different icons get called so some of the widgets had to change. This will break some of your current icons, so you’ll need to look at what changed a bit.
  • Updated Ruby to 2.5.1 which supports the current recommended release on Heroku of Heroku-18. Without this, your app stack will break when upgrading from Heroku-16 to Heroku-18
  • Added GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY config variable in Heroku to use instead of hardcoding your API key in the traffic map. Makes storage on a public repo, a better idea now that this is hidden.

New Features:

  • Fully functional thermostat widget including heating and cooling setpoints, ability to control fan mode and thermostat mode, and obviously view the temperature. Using the base Thermostat class so any “normal” thermostat should work.

Bug Fixes:

  • Set Mode widgets were broken. This has been broke for a while because of a change on SmartThings side which I never addressed. All good now.
  • Fixes for Garage widget. Control was working and polling was working, but automatic push updates were not. This should be fixed now.


Everything is working great! Thank you for all your work on this!


I initially cloned FlorianZ’s project, before I found that bmmiller has forked (and updated) it. Do I have to start over to clone bmmiller’s project? Sorry about the newbie question.

(Brandon) #1078

Unfortunately no, there isn’t an easy way to do it. You can do it manually but it’s not worth the effort. Just save your main.erb file so you can copy/paste it to the new destination.


I have a second question, which relates to my first, is that the project has stopped but has been forked as Smashing. Any thoughts on migrating to that?

(Brandon) #1080

I did see that but if you actually check out Smashing, the last update it had was 8 months ago.

There were also talks that they might want to drastically change the architecture/packages utilized. I don’t want to spend the time migrating to a temporarily solution if the current build of Dashing is functioning just fine for the purpose of this dashboard.

If we are missing out on useful features and I can be convinced it’s worth my effort, I’d certainly look into it. I’d also gladly accept a pull request if someone else wants to put the effort into it.

(Brandon) #1081


And as soon as I said that, I’ve migrated it to Smashing.

We’re now at 1.1.0 of Smashing which is the latest. Next task is to try and update gridster which was a massive failure on the first go.


I don’t even have the hang of Dashing, still working on my main.erb. What made you change your mind?

(Brandon) #1083

I changed my mind because not much has happened with smashing so there wasn’t much to do. Just had to update the Gemfile and update the bundle.

Unfortunately, it looks like smashing is a lot of “hopes and dreams” but not a lot has actually changed yet.

Hopefully things change. Sounds like there are a lot of ideas floating around about what wants to be done.

Also, the core and display of Dashing/Smashing is actually gridster ( I kicked the tires on updating this as well but it’s a bit more involved.

(Brandon) #1084

Gridster is now updated as well. Trafficmap broke at some point, not sure why, probably a part of the bundle change.


I’ve been stuck at step 6. After I set all the devices to allow access and click Authorize, I get redirected this this page instead of my app;

Internal Server Error

(Brandon) #1086

Are you by chance not in the US? Others reported something similar at the authorize step and a link had to be changed to accommodate.


That might explain it. Which link? I’ve searched this thread for “authorize” and didn’t see that discussion.

(Brandon) #1088

Back in March of 2016, @Adam1901 posted this.


Thanks! That did the trick. And it’s not just about being in the US or not. Seems my hub is not on for one reason or another. No wonder I don’t see any smartapps or devices when I first sign in to smartthings. This explains the oddity.