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This little dashboard is a lot of fun (especially for someone who has no idea what he is doing). I have now added a random inspirational quote generator and live google traffic map.


Do you think it would be possible to create a widget that could be used to open the Spotify app on an android OS? I imagine it may be too difficult to create a spotify widget, but one that can either open the Spotify app or webpage would suffice.

(Stuart Jeffrey) #1027


i’m just looking at using this dashboard… looks absolutly awsome…

i cant seem to get the dimmer slider to work either. It works fine on the PC/browser but not on

Samsung Android in fully kiosk browser
Samsung Android in chrome
Fire in fully kiosk browser
Fire in chrome
Ipad in safari

any ideas how to get this working or is it a know issue thats not likely to be fixed.

Also @ post 401 @ronnycarr made a thermostat widget which changed when you clicked it, i cant find anywhere the code, i think his github is no more? does any one have the files?

thanks alot


(Brandon) #1028

That’s really pretty weird. Do you have a phone or other device that isn’t a PC you can try it with?

Not sure, that’s really more of an Android question as it’ll likely rely on permissions given and such. The traffic shot looks pretty neat though, you should add that to your fork if you know how and submit a pull request to my repository.

(Brandon) #1029

I hadn’t actually encountered this issue but I can look into it later. Pretty swamped with the holidays and such right now.

Unfortuantely, the thermostat widget was lost. I approached @ronnycarr about it and he had since removed it. I’d have to make one from scratch which isn’t a huge deal, just time like anything else.


I have tried it on multiple tablets now and an iPad doesn’t work, only on a “computer”. I have already added the traffic to the fork I took from you, I will look into a pull request. As for Spotify I actually managed to make it work and I am really happy with it! I made a text widget and added to the main erb for the widget … onclick=“location.href=‘spotify://app/browse’;”> this opens up the Spotify app on top of Fully Kiosk browser. Its a lot of fun to just play with things, I have no formal training in computers so its been a learning experience for sure.


@bmmiller I “think” I created a pull-request, if I didn’t do it correctly I apologize in advance!


A walk-around for not having a real thermostat widget is to use webcore and create two switches that will either increase or decrease your thermostat heat/cool set points, that is what I did in my dashboard and it works perfectly.

(Brandon) #1033

You actually included everything you did instead of just the changes necessary. It’s a super common first pull request but ends up a bit cluttered and near impossible for me to go through. I might be easier for me to manually merge in your changes and deny the pull request.


No worries, I have no clue what I am doing. Do you need me to send you the parts of the widget?

(Stuart Jeffrey) #1036

@bmmiller Thanks, i understand about been busy! Shame that ronnycarr 's code has got lost, looked a pretty good widget.

@cal1319 yeah i shall work around it, probably similar to how you have. Although i cant see how you are turning the temperature up and down?

I have a confession, i actually dont run smart things, but actually run homeseer. I was looking at changing from homeseer to smart things mainly because there is no descent interface on homeseer, unless you want something that looks like it was designed in the 90’s for the future. Otherwise i think homeseer is pretty good and i have got so much integrated, through other peoples plugins and some i’ve created. I would need to custom code quite alot to get working on smartthings.

Any way I came accross this dashboard, and a fork which converts it to openhab and have now managed to get it working pretty well on homeseer. I’m using the fork from @bmmiller and have adjusted a couple of widgets so far, and am finding it very responsive and usable, although i havent got it on the wall yet. I’ve got it working on a local PI, my home seer is on a local windows machine, so it is very responsive. Eg i have stopped the toggle on switch from changing the widget icon colour, but because of the push from homeseer to the dashboard happening so quick it changes instantly any way. i’m thinking about turning it orange on click and then it will go green once the state is confirmed.

hope you dont mind.

(Stuart Jeffrey) #1037

@cal1319 just read your post about camera’s. If you look here this is the openhab port, this guy has something linking to his cameras, i think it updates the image every few seconds.

(Brandon) #1038

Nope, not at all. Had you been the only one that reported issues witht he dimmer though, I wouldn’t likely proceed further with it :wink:

Hope you enjoy it!

I’ll be adding cameras to my ST implementation shortly so I might have a reason to investigate this further now. It should be the first camera I have with open access.

(Stuart Jeffrey) #1039

@bmiller with the dimmer i had seen that other people were reporting it, and that even on the vanilla just installed dashboard it was not sliding either. I wouldnt have said anything if i thought it was isolated to my environment.

if i remember right the openhab camera doesnt actually interface with openhab but talks direct to the camera/nvr image stream.



(Brandon) #1040

Yeah, that’s fine. My other cameras are the Ring Pro and a camera with ADT. Both don’t provide open access to the raw streams, regardless of system they are tied to.

Fortunately, this will be changing soon in my setup.


I am using two switches in the dashboard (hot switch and cold switch) that turn on a virtual switch that is tied to a webcore piston. When the hot switch is turned on it will increase the heat set point as well as the cool set point for my thermostat (so if it is in heat mode or AC mode is will work correctly), the same for the cool switch, it just lowers the heat/cool set points. I then have the switch automatically turn off after 1 second so it can be run again.


I am looking forward to what you come up with! As for the dimmer, I have yet to find a way to get them to work on any browser in any tablet/phone. Even my laptop with touchscreen I can only use the mouse to slide the dimmer, touchscreen can only turn it on and off.

(Brandon) #1044

I’ve just pushed a change for the dimmer functionality. It’s been reverted back to the original +/- buttons. This should work everywhere.

Another developer had completed the slider functionality and I do believe it was working well then but I’ve spent way too much time already trying to get it to work to no avail.

As for your traffic widget, it seems quirky. Does it work right away for you or do you need to move the map around once for it to start loading data?


Thanks Ill take a look at the dimmer widgets, appreciate the effort getting those to work again.

Yes, the traffic widget has that issue. I looked into a way to fix it as it is a common issue but I dont understand the code enough to know where to put the fix. If you read here ( I am sure you would understand it much more than I do. I just leave my tablet on with fully kiosk and after loading the map once it stays working fine updating the traffic data. Thanks again for your effort and if you figure out the traffic map please let me know!

Happy Holidays!

(Brandon) #1046

I’ve just pushed another version with the slider added back and appropriately named stdimmerslider to accommodate those who want one or the other.

With this added back, I’ve got touchscreen devices and the slider working, but not perfect. If you carefully touch, below the horizontal line, it works under all my tests. I need to work on getting it to register on the whole item but thought I’d get this out there for anyone that wants it quickly.

An example of what I mean is to touch where the red dot is: