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@bmmiller does it matter what device handler you have for your garage door? My garage widget does not respond to open or closed. BTW love the interface and what you have done with it!

(Brandon) #1006

Unfortunately, it does. Last I checked, SmartThings didn’t fully expose the GarageControl capability so it’s only going to work with handlers that can act as switches at the moment. I haven’t looked into this fully in a while though.

Would be curious to see how ActionTiles handles Garage Doors. @tgauchat


So I’m using the MyQ Lite SmartApp and I have my Garage Door Opener (Garage Door Control) added. Here are a couple of screenshots with capabilities accepted within ActionTiles for that specific device:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #1008

SmartThings has Capability “Garage Door”… Works fine with ActionTiles.


What I ended up doing was creating a virtual switch and then use WebCore to turn it on or off if the garage door was open or closed, it is working great now.


@bmmiller Sorry to keep bugging you, I was just wondering if it is possible to change the icon on/off color for each individual widget.

If you can see the cool and heat widgets there are just Stswitch’s that trigger pistons to control the thermostat. Is it possible for the cool to turn blue when pushed and red for heat? Thanks so much!

(Brandon) #1011

What type of Garage Door do you have? I looked at the code and I am working with GarageDoorControl capability. If you have one that expects the push() command, mine won’t work as currently coded.

There are a number of ways, I personally prefer a blue/black theme. To load up that theme, go to:


And change the one line in current.scss to @import “blue-grey-modern-shadow.scss”

If you don’t know what that is or don’t have those folders, you’re probably using the original version instead of my fork. If that’s the case, it’s going to be much easier to switch to my fork as that’s the one I maintain. The original version I try and just make sure it isn’t broke completely.

An example of the theme referenced above:

The tiles on the right actually navigate to new pages as well.


I am using the “My Z-Wave Garage Door Opener” device handler. The openers is actually from an ADT Pulse install which I believe is a repurposed linear GD00Z.

As for the widget color I have forked your repo and know where the theme folder is. I guess I was more specifically wondering if I could just tweak the cool and heat widgets without a global change.

My wife prefers the colors so I reverted back to the grey-grey. Really enjoy what you have done with this dashboard, I cant wait to expand my house so I can use the other pages as well!


(Brandon) #1013

It’s still a website after all. Everything is completely customizable, down to single letters. I’m not sure what you mean by cool and heat widgets though.

EDIT: Oh, I see, in your screenshot. Are those virtual switches to things controlled by webcore?


I apologize for not being specific enough :blush:

can you see in the upper right next to house (74) there are a cool (snowflake) and heat (Flame) icons. I am trying to get the snowflake to turn blue when pressed and the flame to turn red.

sorry didnt see your last post, yes they are virtual switches to webcore!

(Brandon) #1015

Are we talking momentary color change, or listening on your thermostat running or off ?


Its just a switch, so when I press it now it turns green, I have webcore automatically turn the switch back off after 2 seconds so it can be pressed again.

(Brandon) #1017

Gotcha. There are a few ways you could do it. However, easiest way? Probably make your own widgets.

  1. Copy/paste the \hadashboard\widgets\stswitch folder a couple times, call one stswitchheat and the other stswitchcool. You’ll need to rename the sub-files as well as look in the .coffee file and rename stswitch where appropriate. This is coffeescript and spaces matter so be careful.
  2. Change your main.erb to reference stswitchheat and stswitchcool, instead of stswitch.
  3. In each respective stswitchheat/cool folder now, go to the .scss file and change the .switch-icon-on color to something you’d like.


Perfect thank you! Ill give it a go and see how bad I can mess it all up!

(Brandon) #1019

Yeah, I can help out if you run into problems but you seem like a good problem solver :slight_smile:

There are other ways but because you’ll basically want 3 working versions of stswitch, they all seem pretty hacky to me. When you get to the parts where you are interacting with SmartThings, do NOT change anything there. Example:

  postState: ->
    newState = @toggleState()
    $.post '/smartthings/dispatch',
      deviceType: 'switch',
      deviceId: @get('device'),
      command: newState,
      (data) =>
        json = JSON.parse data
        if json.error != 0

This is perfectly fine as-is. You do not need to rename anything there.


Thank you so much that did it! Ill play around for a bit and see if I have anything else that may be nice to add, again thank you for all your help!


one question, if I don’t want the widget to be clickable what setting do I change for that?


@bmmiller Thanks again for all your help, I managed to figure out the static widget and everything is working out great now and really love how easy it is to customize all the icons and such! Do you think it would be possible to add IP cams. I was reading up on dashing and seems that you can have a clickable widget open a url? Thanks again and great work! The only issue that I have is that I can not use the dimmer when using fully kiosk browser (the switch works fine when pressed).

(Brandon) #1023

Awesome! Glad it is working well for you. I too like the customizability of everything and is what the main draw was for me when choosing a dash to focus on.

Yeah, in theory, it should be doable but the only cameras I own are tied to my ADT system or the Ring doorbell. Since I can’t really test something like this, I have never looked into it.

Are you saying you can use it when not in full kiosk mode or you just can’t ever use it?


It works fine on my pc or laptop, but on the fire tablet I can only click the light for on and off, the dimmer slider is not usable. I tried on two different browsers of the fire, chrome, and fully kiosk and both are the same. Not sure if it has anything to do with the widgets not being movable on mobile devices? Either way not a big deal!