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(Chris Fichter) #943

I’m not quite sure why he doesn’t talk about it on the Forum. At one time he had a post asking the community what they thought about either monthly or one-time fee. But he has never talked price on this forum only on Facebook.


what is the status of Open Dash? That may be a free alternative to paying for smarttiles

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #945

Howdy Chris…

Our Facebook page is a “business page”, which means you can “Like” and follow-it, but not be friends (as much as I’d like to be your friend :smiley:).

While I’m not going to go off on a tangent here for pricing, I can assure you that we have no intention of charging “$75 per month”.

We really are “within weeks” (maybe days!) of announcing the public release timeframe, along with introductory pricing.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #946

It certainly is inaccurate, @bmmiller … thanks for pointing that out.

Unless I made a really bad typo somewhere or there was miscommunication through the various posts in a long thread, I can assure everyone that “$75 a month or more” (per @chris2vic) was never a proposed price for ActionTiles.

Sorry for the suspense and uncertainty. Still juggling quite a few balls, but … they are settling more and more every day. Makes me remember the several months duration Topic on Hub V2 when it’s features, pricing, and release date were not finalized, so it got 1000+ posts of “are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet”.

I love the enthusiasm and interest though. Thanks for your support.

(Chris Fichter) #947

Well I’m only going by the numbers you throughout in your brainstorming and the number of devices I have. And actually it would have been more. But I do admit there have been numbers all over the place. Higher and lower. I’m sure you’re not suggesting that I’m a liar?

(Chris Fichter) #948

None of the prices that I’m talking about where proposed prices all brainstorming. Which I’m sorry is still ridiculous. I don’t mean to start a war or anything I do love your product. But I may have to do without it.

(Brandon) #949

@chris2vic @tgauchat Please take the rest of this conversation to PM. Thank you.

(Chris Fichter) #950

Just for giggles. Why don’t you tell me what your highest brainstorming ideas for pricing was for unlimited devices?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #951

Definitely not implying that at all … I apologize if anything I said went in that direction (? :confused:).

I’m just confused and want to squash any rumors or mistaken impressions I may have caused.

I’ve sent you a PM. Let’s chat if you wish.

And I agree with @bmmiller; perhaps we can each delete a few of the posts from here and just chat on PM?

(Chris Fichter) #952

I’m out…


I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere on ST Forums but Freeboard is a nice open source dashboard tool.

You can even run this on your own local web server if you want:

Found an old ST SmartApp code to publish data into Freeboard using Dweet here:

This ST/Dweet code needs a definition section to work but you can copy and edit that from any existing code.

I tested this setup and it works well. Freeboard can even support MJPG video streams, although I can’t figure out how to increase the size of the video feeds.


(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #954

holy cow, the pricing :o

(Community Journeyman) #955

No friken way!!!

(Brandon) #956

@henryh74 @chris2vic

I spent a little time on your concern and I don’t think there’s a real issue. I was able to “fix” it via the following, right out of the readme:

[quote]My Dashboard is not updating or devices do not respond to interaction.

If your dashboard is not updating or devices have stopped responding to interaction, first try to refresh your browser. If this did not help, navigate to and re-authorize with the SmartApp (installation step 6) You will have to re-authorize with the SmartApp whenever you make changes to backend files (usually .rb or .erb) or the SmartApp Groovy code. If your dashboard stops updating or devices have stopped responding without making any changes, make sure to file a bug using the issue tracker.[/quote]

Please try re-authorizing and see how things function. After doing this on mine, everything came back and is updating just fine.

(Brandon) #957

For those that are using my fork, I’ve integrated the ability to cycle pages into it. Original code is from here:

All credit to @aimc for doing it. I had planned to merge the then original master but it looks like @florianz has ceased working on things.

Pull at your leisure, and as always, the main.erb is an example of things that are implemented and you should save your own prior to pulling.

I’m not in love with the forced “cycle” option at the moment. It’s perfect for 2 pages of dashboards but as soon as you get to 3, you have to cycle repeatedly to get where you want. I will likely turn the cycle into a selection option, meant for grouping things like temperatures, lights, or Rooms, similar to the existing SmartThings functionality.


This is a terrific application. @bmmiller - you had mentioned displaying energy from a meter device earlier in the post. I’m a novice at coding; however, I have been sifting through the files to find how to display that value in your fork but am unable to locate it. If this is in your fork, can you help guide me to what widget and setting I need to use?

Again, terrific application both visually and functionally. Thanks.

(Brandon) #959

@JCulver There should be an stmeter widget for use.

(Brandon) #960

I’ve pushed an update to my fork. Ruby is now on 2.3.3 as well as a bunch of package upgrades. Including the latest Dashing version of v1.3.7

No feature adds though, just updates/upgrades to packages.

Page 1

Page 2


@bmmiller Thanks for the response. Here is what i am showing for my device in the hub:

Current States
switch: off
energy: 12.872 kWh
power: 218 W
checkInterval: 1920

I can show the power (Wattage) just fine using this - “div data-id=“poolpower” data-view=“Stmeter” data-title=“Pool Power” data-device=“Pool Pump” data-min=“0” data-max=“1000”>”

I cannot figure out what I need to pull, and show, the kWh of the device in the dashboard.


(Brandon) #963

Ah, totalized energy usage (kWh) is not part of the widget yet. Sorry for any confusion.

Give me a little time and I’ll get the stmeter widget updated to accomodate, likely replacing the ‘updated at’ to make some room.