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(David) #839

@Matty What did you use to mount your ipad mini?

(Steven) #840

Anyone having any issues getting this to work with the V2 hub? Mine got delivered today, and after hours of removing everything from the old hub, pairing it with the new, and reconfiguring everything, it doesn’t want to seem to work on the new hub.

When loading the page, all the devices show in their default off state. Clicking on a bulb only results in it flashing on the page, and then going back off again. It doesn’t toggle on permanently, nor does it actually make the actual light do anything.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

(Matt) #841

Did you remember to install the smartapp and reauth your devices? Also your devices will need still be named the exact way they were before or you’ll have to update your erb files to reflect the new names.

(Steven) #842


I did finally manage to figure out what the issue was. I had reconfigured it by changing the names of the devices that no longer matched with the names on the dashboard screen, as well as authorized the app with the devices again by going to /smartthings/authorize, and authorizing it with all of the apps.

Seems what happened though was that the app itself seemed to somehow become desynchronized with the devices paired and configured on my account. I actually had to go into the source code again, and reconfigure the location the app was assigned to be connected to, and then click to allow it access to each of the individual devices in my account.

Once that was done, I reauthorized the dashboard one more time with the app, and things were great after that!

(Dome) #843

I’m building a unified control panel that consists of a Raspberry Pi 2 running HAD, an Rpi touchscreen, and a Nest all mounted on a custom Ponoko case. The case has a Particle Photon inside and uses a local motion sensor to detect someone walking by and then supplies/removes power from the screen as appropriate. I’m hoping to build in a backlit night light also.

I’ll post pictures when it’s further along.

(Matt) #844

yes pictures… i’ve been thinking of using some of my old original pi’s for that reason

(Matthew Rogers) #845

I haven’t touched this in months but I’m about to dive back in with my spare time, because we really miss not having a working dashboard.

I was running a customized version of the original HADashboard, but was having issues with the tiles not updating. I’m more familiar with Python than Ruby, so I was intrigued with the Python port that @zpriddy was working on, but it wasn’t very mature yet and the project needed some adjustment to make it really portable/scalable for other people (all due respect, @zpriddy!) and I didn’t have time to dig in much past cleaning up some of the CSS.

So…I guess I’m hoping to get an update from @florianz and @zpriddy on how active they think their projects are before deciding where I should spend my time:

  1. @florianz I know you were working on a rewrite at some point. I see it in your GitHub. Do you think you’ll ever release that, or have you moved on to other things? Or let me ask it another way…if I Ruby up, and want to take over the rewrite (because I see you’re doing some things I wanted to do), what should I know? E.g. why did you stop…did you get hung up on something in particular?
  2. @zpriddy Like I said I love the idea of the Python version but I think there’s a lot still to do. Are you still actively developing this? (If so, I suggest we start a new thread, so this thread can remain about HADashboard).

My vision, ultimately (which I thought I saw @florianz say something about too) is to create a dashboard-as-a-service that offers more customization and flexibility than the innovative (but limited) SmartTiles. I envision a web tool where you can log in and drag/drop tiles onto dashboard, arranging them the way you want, and configuring options as needed.

(Josh) #846

If you want a beta tester, you let me know :smile:

(Matthew Rogers) #847

Haha, sure thing. I have a lot of planning/strategizing to do before deciding if I’m going to build on one of these options or start something from scratch.

Also, full disclosure, I run a software company but I don’t get to do a lot of development anymore. And I have two little kids. So I’ll be slow…but once I set a direction/foundation, I plan on roping in smarter people to help me :smile:

(Brandon) #848

I’m pretty agnostic towards Python vs Ruby myself, am more of a .NET developer in my day job, but the benefit to @florianz’s implementation is that it doesn’t rely on polling. It’s been a very long time since I’ve looked at the Python version from @zpriddy though so that may have changed, or been improved upon since then.

Admittedly though, I haven’t been running the dashboard anywhere because I never got around to building a frame and mounting mechanism. Maybe this winter…when my spare time isn’t spent outside.

(Zpriddy) #849

So I won’t lie - I got very side tracked with my Alexa projects and bringing a very natural interaction into SmartThings. The dashboard got pushed to the side - however with that being said - working on these projects have made it so I can better visualize a dashboard as a server idea.

I would be willing to bring new life into the project if there was interest for it. Interest and feedback are very important to me and help me know where to keep working.

(Jody) #850

I open sourced ThingLayer a few months back. If you are familiar with ruby and rails you can fork the source and make your own additions.

You can demo it live at

(Matthew Rogers) #851

Yeah I noticed that too. I’ve currently pulled down @florianz’s rewrite and am trying to get it working – because that I think is already on the path to what I hope to do. For example, he’s already started defining dashboards via a JSON config file. And the code is clean and well orgznized. I’ll just have to refresh my Ruby skillz and tap some other people’s expertise.

I’m already stuck though, because I can’t get SmartThings oauth to work. I’m getting a javascript popup once I select my devices and click the “Authorize” button with a completely vague “Try again later or contact support” message. I’m in touch with Support.

(Matt) #852

I have all but stopped using HAD, at least how I used to use it. I got it up and running again after my V2 migration but it still had the same issue of not refreshing. I think has to do with SmartThings new 20 second timeout, not sure though.

Because I use Alexa for everything now I’m rethinking my dashboard needs. It would still be nice to view the status of some stuff in real time but changing stuff by physical input I rarely do anymore because of Alexa.

Her and I have a love hate relationship anymore though. She still works better than any other voice recognition system I’ve used (Google, Siri, Ivee, etc) but the more functionality that is added to her causes new issues that I have to work through. I’m glad she’s not a real live person because I am absolutely mean to her at times.


I am running into an issue where the dashboard does not refresh the current mode widget when the mode is actually changed. This is not an issue of the modes not changing; I can verify through Smartthings that the mode was changed properly. This is also not a bug within the current mode widget, if I click Refresh, all widgets will properly reset to accurately reflect the current mode.

What am I doing wrong?

(Matt) #855

Do you only have this problem with modes? Because I’ve had this problem with all devices 95% of the time.

(Matthew Rogers) #856

That was my issue too, and the main reason we stopped using this dashboard. I didn’t have time to troubleshoot it.

Reliability, along with easier/more flexible configuration, are my main overarching goals in diving back into this.


I’ve only had my hub for a few days and I’m limited on sensors, this is the first I have noticed. What are my options?

(Brandon) #858

My only guess is that SmartThings has changed something since this was originally implemented. Perhaps the lowered timeout like was mentioned earlier.

There are/were several benefits to this over SmartTiles. Not requiring polling was just one. Really kind of getting tired of the shameless plugs of SmartTiles in this thread. The key benefit to SmartTiles has and always will be ease of use/installation which allows for a laymen to handle the entire setup. At this point, more active development is obviously another benefit. Everyone here is familiar with SmartTiles though and its limitations, stay on topic please.


I’ve tried smart tiles and thought it was ok. Really prefer the look and feel of the dashboard that Florianz has built, just wish I could get it to work properly.