Home Automation Dashboard (HAD)

Appreciate the update, and more importantly the hard work you have put in to this. If you need a beta tester, let me know :slight_smile:

Hi guys, how are you ? … I’m new here with basic code skills, however I’ve got everything working (great job on the documentation by the way) except from one thing that I really want which is to turn the entire widget background to green when the switch is pressed or a motion is detected, the version that I have changes the icon color instead of the widget background color. Can someone help me and show me the codes to achieve that ? Thanks @mattjfrank , I appreciate if you can help me… I saw that you are pretty active around here… :smile:

That is actually how it used to work. I was going through some of my manual backups to see if I had a copy of one of the widgets from then but I don’t. If I remember it includes changes to the css and coffe files. You may be able to figure it out by looking at the gitbub file history changes.

If you check one of my pull requests I created some theming code which would allow you to easily handle this.

Hey great work on the troubleshooting for switches, I tried them but still couldn’t get it to work right, my issue was that when I clicked on the tile the light would just go on then off or off then on but not stay in the opposite state. Then I came along someone that said there was an update to the "data-event-click=“onClick” data-event-touchend=“onClick” changing it to ClickableWidget worked.

Hi @bmmiller, thanks for this… I believe I’m close to get this to work… Now I’m getting an error where when I try to push to Heroku and access my dashboard an error is occurring "Error compiling CSS asset - Sprockets: :CircularDependencyError: /app/assets/stylesheets/application.scss has already been required /app/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.0.0/gems/sprockets-2.10.1/lib/sprockets/base.rb:392:in circular_call_protection Can you help me with this ?

Yikes, that’s a new one. Other than double checking all the files you altered/added, I’m not real sure. I never had that error. There were simple changes to a number of .scss files so on top of adding the “themes” folder, you have to go back and edit a bunch of the existing .scss files for them to really take.

Additionally, the “current.scss” is imperative and includes the theme you’ll want to use.

application.scss (mentioned in the error) calls current.scss so make sure you update your application.scss as well.

Great to hear, @florianz! I’m really looking forward to your rewrite. I’m trying REALLY hard not to be “that” guy, but…how’s it coming? :smiley: I tried ActiON but I don’t like it, it’s not customizable enough.

If you’d like to setup a donation link, I’m sure some people would contribute. I’d like to at least buy you a beer, this project has the potential to fill in a huge gap in our home automation lifestyle.

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Yep… I had to start from scratch, everything is working now except the fact that it’s taking too long to update the states, for example where there’s motion or when I turn ON or OFF a switch through the smartthings app it doesn’t seem to update the state unless I reload the app, is that a normal behavior or something is broken ? is there any line cone that I can add to reload automatically the app every other minute ?.. Thanks again for the help…, good job with the themes by the way @bmmiller… I really like it…

I believe you should try healing the network. There are some detailed instructions here some where. I will try to see if I can find it. Not an expert but that is where I would start.

Little dead in here… killer work on this so far guys! @florianz any update on the rewrite?

Sorry for the delay. I am still working on it, but had some other stuff creep up around the house. I am taking a break from the project while I am staining my deck. It’s in pretty bad shape, but will hopefully be done by next weekend :wink: I’ll get back to this as soon as I can.

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No problem, good luck with the deck! I’ll be on the lookout for the new rewrite, sounds awesome!

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So for the last few weeks I’ve been having issues were my hadashboard has not been updating. Presence and mode will often no longer update. Contacts, weather, temps, motion seem to be updated though. Refreshing displays the correct values. I haven’t had a chance to troubleshoot it extensively yet, but I’m just wondering if anyone else has seen the issue too?

Any update @florianz ??

This is not a SmartTiles.click discussion. This is about a different web dashboard.

What is the difference bettwen SmartTiles and this dashboard? advantages and disadvantages?? :smile:

I am not impartial. Check it out for yourself. I for one, love my SmartTiles Dashboard.
Try it for yourself.

i set up SmartTiles as a test run, and have been using it for a week. I switched to the smart tiles. To @florianz, you did great work Sir.

I’m no programmer or coder, I did network security 15 years. I spent at least 10 hours setting up the dashboard thru the method developed in this thread. And I learned a lot.

The smart tiles takes 15 minutes to set up. If you know programming and want MORE customization, keep using the method in the OP, but if you don’t know git, etc, use the SmartTiles app. Will save you NUMEROUS hours running code.

just my opinion.


I really think it’s pretty bad form to be pushing SmartTiles in this thread :-/

Just my $.02

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