Home assistant integration smartthings

Trying to avoid using the smartthings api integration with home assistant
I basically want to get motion triggers from my eufy cameras from home assistant into smartthings
I discovered this guy fison67 has an integration

Has anyone used this? Would this allow me to get motion alerts from the cameras in ha into smartthings as triggers?

If not is anyone is working on some fancy edge integration with home assistant?

I think the easiest thing would be to create a virtual switch in SmartThings. Then, in Home Assistant, create an automation triggered by the camera motion with an action to turn on that virtual switch (and turn it back off when motion stops).

how do you get the virtual switch from smartthings showing up in home assistant though?

Try reloading the integration in Home Assistant. That should load the new devices & entities,

Do you mean with the smartthings api integration? That’s what I’m trying to avoid, has anyone tried this fison67 integration?