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Home Activity Simulator (Make it look like i'm home App)

(Bob) #7

This should get you started.


I am using the UK version. What are my options?

GitHub IDE integration is only available in the US.

(Bob) #9

Github is available in the UK now.
I use it.
You can just copy and paste the code into a new smartapp if you wish.
Might be easier to start with so you can get it working.
Another thing to note is that after you have gone into marketplace-> my smartapps for the initial set up, for all subsequent times you open CoRE, go through automation -> smmartapps tab.
If you don’t you will have issues building new pistons.


Looking to do it thr right way from the start cause I assume that updates will be automatic afterwards right? I am not seeing github integration for the UK version of ST

(Robin) #11

I’m in the UK and I heard GitHub integration had arrived… But I have never seen any options to activate it.

I like to control the updates manually anyway… If it’s working for me I generally won’t bother updating.

As @bobbles said, you don’t need GitHub integration anyway, just copy the code and paste into a new smart app window in the IDE.

(Robin) #12

There are some handy installation instructions in the first post of the current CoRE thread, may help you.

(Robin) #13

I should add that the away lights example I posted above is a somewhat complicated piston to start out with.

Suggest you start with some more simple automations such as turning on lights when you get home etc etc… Just until you become familiar with the CoRE interface.

To create the above CoRE piston you will need to run CoRE in ‘expert mode’ which can be turned on by going to settings within the app.


Thank you everyone for all the prompt information. I will give it a try


So far so good. How do I make it repeat after the random 30-120 minute wait?

(Bob) #16

Not really sure but if you look at my piston in post 3 you will see how i do it.

(Robin) #17

You need to put all your kitchen actions into one action… Currently each of your actions are separate and will run at the same time meaning your ‘wait’ actions will achieve nothing.

I use a trigger that fires every 30 minutes to repeat in my example, but it looks like you are following @bobbles method so your last action should be "follow up with piston ’ “At Home” Simulator’ in order to restart the loop.


Thanks for pointing that mistake out. So is it correct now?

(Bob) #19

Looks good to me.

(Robin) #20

Yes… looks good.

You didn’t need to use a group for the IF section but it will work just fine the way you did it.


Thank you both. Very kind of you to offer help so promptly. So far I am very happy with my ST System and with this Core thing it seems I have opened up a whole new world.

(Bob) #22

Just as an aside, personally I always have Task Cancellation Policy (TCP) set to cancel on piston state change.
I find this is the best policy when timers are involved.
Sometimes with the way I set up rules the timers keep resetting and never mature.
TCP active stops this.


Can you elaborate on this?

(Bob) #24

If you go to your THEN scroll down the page andyou will find Task Cancellation Policy
Check Cancel On Piston State Change.
Like I said, probably not an issue but I have had some pistons that keep resetting the timers so that they never mature.
I just do it as a matter of course now.


Noted! Thanks.


One last thing for now. If i want to update to the latest core do I simply edit to the update code from github? If so will I lose my “Pistons”?