Holiday color lights has detected an update notification keeps coming up

Getting this every few minutes, did as suggested and it keeps coming up. Ugh. just started tonight.

What SmartApps do you have installed?

Well lots. Lol. The only one giving the notifications is “Holiday color lights”

So it stopped. Not sure if it fixed itself or syncing the app in IDE did it.

I’m assuming “syncing” meant updating from another GitHub repo? I have a few SmartApps where the developer included an automated check for new versions and it will notify me (like Rboy’s stuff). I suspect that’s what you’re seeing from one of your SmartApps.

IDK it has not been updated in 2 years. Just went into IDE, it said it was obsolete but updated in github so I did an execute update. Nothing seemed to change and is I go in now it still shows the same.