Holding Pattern

Well, got all my ‘things’ into a ‘smart’ mode.

Now I’m waiting for both several backordered Z-wave items as well as the SmartThings ‘things’ to become purchasable.

So, given more time to ponder over actually doing…

I’m writing evil applications.

The garage door closer that automatically operates when the door is open. (better move quick!)

The lamp that automatically shuts off as you arrive home. (especially annoying to those already home)

Turn off the lights to the basement when motion is detected at the bottom of the stairs.

Wall outlet that only tuns on when no motion in the room is detected. (OK kids, if you want to watch TV, you need to sit quietly.)

And, the best one…

Have the garage doors perform the Macarena (with soundtrack) when the motion sensor outside their bedroom detects movement before 7:30am on a weekend. (The master suite is over the garage, so the rumble of doors and music will wake us.)

Anyone else developed a “unique” app?

Haha, reminds me of some of the stuff I’ve done by mistake. While writing a door lock app to refresh state on a schedule I somehow managed to set it to lock and unlock on an endless loop starting at midnight. The dogs could apparently hear it (they sleep in the room with us) and barked all night long thinking someone was coming in. Wife nor I got any sleep that night and then I spent the next day trying to figure out why the batteries died in the lock so quickly haha.

But I like the way you think…maybe I’ll set one up to kill power to the water heater if the stove doesn’t come on to make me breakfast before she takes a shower!