Hold down button to dim?

Hello Everyone.
is anybody here have the same challange as i do.
i really like to make a routine/acton that contains, when i held a button on a controller, it fades my light down or up (different routine/action).

Pleas if anyone found a solution for this, it would be helpfull.

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Yes seems to me like a standard function to do, but can’t find a way to do it in the app, anyone have an idea how to solve it?

Yeah I looking for this feature to! Any suggestions?

What make/model button do you have? It would have to have a capability to detect “button held down” and expose that in the automation presentation definition in order to have a Routine perform the task you desire.

I have a IKEA button, and it Can accept the held Down function

Have you tried making a Routine with that as the trigger?

A routine ? How that ?

In the ST app, click on the Automations button at the bottom of the screen then click +, Create routine. Set your If condition to “When Button Name is held down” and your then to whatever device you want to dim.