Hodgepodge of WiFi devices

Hi everyone,
I was/am new tot he smart home thing. Wish I would have done some homework before I started building a system of sorts. Just getting started and I want to avoid any further mistakes.

When buying devices for my smart home I purchased everything “no hub required”, WiFi only. Thinking hub, who needs that? Now I see that I need a hub to build logic into my smart home. For now, can I bring this hodgepodge of devices into a ST hub, or will I need to replace?

Can I add any Wifi enabled device to ST hub, or do they explicitly have to be labeled ST compatible?

Thanks for any help/direction you can provide. Here’s what I have…

4 x Amazon Echo devices, no problem here.

3 x Kasa TP-Link HS200 light switches

1 x Kasa TP-Link HS210

4 x YiDian Wifi Smart Plug

2 x Ciysty Smart Plug

1 x Skybell Trim (alarm company installed)

Welcome! There’s no one answer: you will just have to check each individual model to see if it can be integrated. The following FAQ should help (this is a clickable link)


Thanks for the help. There is a complete Kasa/TPLink discussion and solution thread.

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