Hive active bulbs + ST?

Anybody been able to pair a Jive Active bulb to ST? I’m interested as the price point is between Wemo and Hue (been a fan of the wemo bulbs bit hate the price!)

They look very similar and are apparently ZigBee HA 1.2

I don’t have Hive controller but would pair it directly with ST like my wemo’s

I’ve just received a free Hive hub and 2 bulbs courtesy of British Gas. The bulb paired to ST as a thing which I changed to Zigbee dimmer. I’ve only tested it for a short time but On/Off and dimming all work OK.

Thanks for the reply! Think I will grab a couple next time I need some then!

Do the Hive bulbs have soft on/off like the Hue bulbs?

Just a quick update. My Hive bulbs have been working great since install. Very reliable, no issues with power loss (unlike Wemo!).

To answer the above post, no, they are not really soft on/off. A slight annoyance is if you ask it to power on at 10%, but its previous setting was 100%, it will come on at 100% and then dim to 10%.

Hue works the same, it comes on at previous colour and brightness before handling the command for the new colour and brightness, it all happens very quickly, but definitely visible.