History Missing

Checked on my history today and it’s hit or miss on what is being recorded. Each device seems to record the history, but what the main History shows is almost random. Sometimes it recorded an event from a device, sometimes it doesn’t. Really frustrating… :rage:


Report it to support@smartthings.com with screenshots if possible, if enough folks report it it’ll get more attention.

I’ve been gathering screenshots for evidence and I have several days worth now! Time to email them… Again!

This seems to be the place to mention History is not working correctly, support email sent.


I’m seeing some weirdness as well. When. I first open history, I get “No Activity”. If i use the filter to only show “Other” or to only show another device, then I get that history and it seems to be complete.

The really odd thing though is that if my smart lock is checked (alone, or with others) then I get no history. The smart lock isnt populating any history itself and is force hiding all other device history.

I’ve got a newly installed Schlage Connect BE469ZW. @Rboy I’m using your Universal Device handler, the Schlage Alarm Manager, Rental Lock Automater, and I have a Monoprice Buffering Repeater installed just a few feet from the door.

Any ideas what’s going on? Worth noting, my IDE also is refusing to show the device routes for the smart lock and repeater. Their tables just go from the “Last Updated” row to the “data” row.

@Brad_ST @jody.albritton Are either of you able to fix/explain why there’s still missing history?
If you look at the screenshot, the current time is 1906, I have 18 minutes of event history, then nothing until yesterday at 1041. I’m assuming this isn’t expected behaviour, but it’s happening daily.

It wasn’t expected behavior in the Classic app. Sadly, it now appears expected behavior in the new app, because the history seems to have to go through more cloud processing before it will show up. Even when all appears working the history of opening/closing a contact sensor can take seconds to be reflected.

@Alwas ,

I see this in my history, but the history events appears after click in filter, uncheck and check in one type, for example, other and click done. All History events appears.
The refresh procedure does not work well in app, but this I’ve seen happening for a long time

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Yes @Mariano_Colmenarejo , it appears if I uncheck the first option, “Other” (whatever that is), the history appears to populate correctly.

But if I further uncheck a device, like my oven smart plug, because I don’t need to see the power changes, I get a sign saying “No activity” and an otherwise empty screen!

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@Alwas ,
I think clear that it is a problem with the filtering and refreshing procedure of the app.
If you see history when all the devices are marked, they are on the server.

In my case, once all the events are shown, if I filter by devices it works fine, but I will look at it more closely.
I use Android version.

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Is anyone else having issues with history (Iphone app) not refreshing? Mine says no activities, even after I toggle filtering as mentioned prior. My automations are functioning properly so history should be updating. If i need to debug, it would be impossible not being able to view history activity.

I use android and history working, but need refresh with some filter to see complete.
There is other post for iOS history:

Contact SmartThings support.

I already did, here is their reply.

Hi there,

Thank you for writing back to us.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused.

As of now, there is a known issue with the history of iOS devices. Right now there is a known issue with seeing the history within the iOS version of the Smartthings application. Right now we are working to fix the issue and we do not have a estimate for when it will be fixed.

I truly understand the situation. Meantime we highly appreciate your patience.


Samsung SmartThings Support

It was working last Friday for the first time in a while then just stopped again. iOS

@James_H any update on a fix to the history issue? Thank you.

No update from Samsung, my history is still not refreshing.

History is now updated and is refreshing, check yours.

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You forgot to include “at the moment”. (unfortunately)

Device event history has not been updated for 12 hours in app and IDE.
only automations are seen in history.
Does this happen to anyone else?
Europe, Spain