History Missing

Sounds about right. When I look in the History I get a few minutes worth of new syncing. Prior to that there is a couple of batches of a few minutes each corresponding with times where I remember opening the History, and then it jumps back to last Friday morning.

I get some history but nothing that reflects reality. In the new app my door lock history had only one lock event yesterday morning. The classic app, on the other hand, had all the lock/unlock events for the day.

Thank you all for your input, hopefully it’s something on smartthings side and it gets resolved soon who knows, with all of these changes.

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Confirming this is an issue for me as well. Just another item on the long list of things that simply don’t work with the new app. In the below example, I am missing all activity for today which is clearly present in the classic app but missing in the new one… Opened ticket under # #1044929

If everyone submits ticket requests to support@smartthings.com hopefully it will be resolved.


Just noticed that as of this morning, no history is being logged by devices, EXCEPT, for my EcoSuite devices (only temp is logged). Really strange…

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@Brad_ST - Is there another issue with the service? Many of us are reporting the same issue today - no history.

Support just responded back telling me to uninstall and reinstall the app, adjust Geo fence, clear cache etc.

Suffice to say it did not correct the problem, obviously. Maybe they will actually read the ticket now and provide some useful advice instead of the generic “turn on, turn off, hopefully you will go away now” approach.

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That’s in the playbook of stock answers to give. Unfortunately, if you uninstall the new app, you lose all the room and device customizations (favorites, order, etc).

Include this in your response – sometimes it speeds up getting past the first level support:

Your message has not solved my issue, please escalate this to your technical lead and team manager for further assistance.

Looks like my history is back and working now. Nothing I did, just came back. I’m sure it had something to do with the ST servers :man_shrugging:t2:

Mine seems to be ok too.

Mine is shot through with holes. It shows signs of catching up but it doesn’t do it in the background.

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For me the history shows up in the new app, but when I try to hide a device from the history, then all events disappears. Does hiding a device from the history work for anyone?

The device history seems to be reporting some events. But device history is missing all recent events in the past several hours. Wonder if there is a bug on their server or in the app.

My history is not working.

My device history seems to be behind in the app by one day. I am able to see my automation history for today as they happen, but my device history is only available from before 11:59pm yesterday.

Yes I see the same thing.

Old app shows history correct.

New app is missing a whole day for all devices

I am also getting lagged history info in the new app. But the old one is displaying everything perfectly. This is frustrating, the old app seems to work the best and this newer one is very glitchy…

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