History Missing

If you are talking about this history, mine is working great.

They must have messed something else up with history. I only have one cloud device I haven’t moved off of Smartthings and I’m not seeing any events for it either. I just assumed I had no events because I had unplugged my hub.

Report the issue to support@smartthings.com.

Fellow Canadian! Yeah my automation or system history is working fine, but only that, device history is no more

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I also have no history on the device page since May 9th. Only history showing in the history menu is automation history. On the latest iOS app.

@jody.albritton I’m not sure the new problem (since the 0.30.4 beta) is related to the original problem this post.

History missing events are not related to the hub firmware update. There is some kind of cloud issue happening. I am collecting all of the missing events posts into one topic so when we update everyone will be notified.


As Jody said, the missing events are unrelated to the hub firmware. The service that processes event history experienced an unexpected outage starting Saturday night around 8 PM EDT. It is my understanding that the process is catching up and the events will backfill as they are processed.


Same issue here. History and new events not updated yet. Is this related to adding all the new Wink users to the system?

my missing activities have started to show up in history, up to May 11th 8:34pm. then no new activities have shown up since. looks like it will take some to be caught up/ in sync. Nonetheless, good sign.

Back to normal too. I don’t know for how many times.

I see that my devices are now showing their history.

But this highlights a downside to this new architecture for the History display. I just looked at the History in the new app and the Recently in the classic app while opening and closing a Multipurpose sensor. The updates are immediate in the classic app, but the updates in the new app took seconds to minutes to show up, even with pull-downs to force a refresh. That means if I was trying to debug something, the new app history would be painful. Granted, the immediate state (on the Controls tab) was always correctly shown in the new app.

same thing here.
no problem in classic app, but the problem persists only in the new app.

I’m having problems in custom DTH devices and child devices

Just to keep this thread going, I have not had any device history for weeks in the new app (Android) on either the History page or any device details page. The only history is the ‘Other’ category on the History page.

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Similarly… History for all my devices is empty in new app while still showing in classic app.
Yet again, shame on you Samsung for the mess.

Same goes for me. In fact I don’t think the device history in the new app has ever worked for me

I had an issue for a short time as noted earlier in this thread. Went away within a day after the service restart mentioned here and has been fine ever since

I checked my history about fifteen minutes ago (it is 7am UK time) and device history is now appearing. There are only entries for today and the earliest is 00:12.

Hello I’m recently experiencing problems with the SmartThings connect app device history. It hasn’t updated on multiple devices in hours. Anyone else noticing this?

Within the last week or so I’ve been experiencing this problem.

Yes, I have observed a recent delay of minutes to hours.

Sounds about right. When I look in the History I get a few minutes worth of new syncing. Prior to that there is a couple of batches of a few minutes each corresponding with times where I remember opening the History, and then it jumps back to last Friday morning.