Hisense TV

has anyone been able to integrate a Hisense TV into their smartthings ecosystem?

It seems there’s an app available called V-Remote on the apple store that works with the TV, so I’m assuming it can accept commands via wifi/LAN.

Even if it could just turn the TV on / off - this would be perfect for my “good night” and “i’ve left” routines. I suppose I could do it with a smart socket, but that defeats the object :slight_smile:

I’m not a coder so I think I’d struggle to do it myself… but was hoping someone else out there has given it a go…



You wouldn’t be able to turn the TV back on with a smart plug any way.

Off is more of a goal for me, I’m forever leaving stuff on in the house. I like to be able to walk out and know that everything I want to turn off, turns off when I’m gone! But of course it would be great to have the same capabilities as I do with my Samsung TVs.

Did you end up being able to connect?