Hinkey false positives?

Hiya. When using smart home monitor, is anyone else having false positives at the moment that dont appear to be generated by the sensor that it’s claimed to be? I’ve had an instance a couple of days ago that made me panic - it told me that a sensor where there is barely any air movement had triggered, followed by a sensor in a second room… only to log in immediately to check CCTV and see no activity.

Today. I’ve set the alarm twice and it’s given me intrusion detections both times… once on the front door, and once just now in an area of the house where nothing will be moving. Again, logging in to CCTV shows an empty area.

Happens all the time. Hence I’ve gotten to the point of zoning my sensors in pairs. Even then I’ve still had a few false alarms. Used to scare me to think there were intruders, now my first reaction is to ignore it.

Can you send some specific date/times and sensor names over to support@. We’ll investigate and see if we can help isolate the problem.

I’ve recently told @vlad of an occurrence. Nothing he can do retrospectively all be can see are events happening.

Next time it happens Aaron, you’ll be the first to know… well, my neighbours will be the first to know technicality… then me, then you… but yeah, will do.

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I’ve had lots of false positives on motion sensors over a few months. Which happen to turn out to be a mouse… No mouse evidence… and wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen it for myself. Was blaming the system. You may have House Guests you are un aware of!

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That’s a possibility… Although that’s two scent-trained dogs who are failing in their mission if it’s the case. Won’t do any harm to lay a trap or two and see if I can catch some snake food…

Just having a rethink - The fact on my system it’s not just PIRs but also magnetic contact sensors which are failing makes it less likely I guess… Back to the drawing board :’(

Early this morning false motion report on ST 1st-gen motion sensor at appx 230. Then severalfalse motion on ST 2nd-gen motion at 419.

These seperated multiple false reports are infrequent but I value my rest So ST remains on monitoring duty and it wont be allowed to operate any alarm sirens in my system in the near future.