High Accuracy location mode-tasker

In Tasker, with sharptools does high accuracy Location mode automatically shut off with no notification? I get a notification when it turns on but not when it shuts off.

SharpTools has its own forum, you will get your fastest answer there:

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Ok, thanks. Wouldn’t this be a tasker issue since its a tasker notification?

If I remember correctly, that notification doesn’t actually come from AutoLocation (or SharpTools)… it’s one of the actions that you created as part of the Tasker profile (assuming you are following the guide by @destructure00 - link to guide).

Taking a quick look at that guide, it looks like the notification is created when high accuracy mode is turned on and the notification is automatically removed when high accuracy mode is turned off (eg. the Notify Cancel action).

If you want a separate notification for when the high accuracy mode is turned off, you could always add another ‘Notify’ action with whatever text you want in the same step as the Notify Cancel.

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@destructure00 guide is a great guide. Thanks for the info, I may add that extra notify task.

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Totally agree. :smiley:

Oh, and happy cake day @destructure00!

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