Hiding the ADT Security Panel Wires?

Before buying the ADT security kit with panel and sensors, I had thought that I could attach the panel to the wall and it would run on batteries for lengthy (one week or more) periods of time. That appears not to be the case. The batteries appear to be more of a 24 hour backup and should be plugged in with power as much as possible.

The question is, what is everyone doing in their setup for plugging in the ADT Security Panel? Are you wall mounting it, hiding your wires and recessing the outlet while recessing the panel itself or are you doing something different? My wife and I are trying to decide the best way to make the panel look aesthetically pleasing as possible.

I decided to wall mount mine using the 2gig AC1 AC Switching Power Supply (bought on Amazon) wired into the panel using in wall rated alarm wire. I can post a picture if you would like to see it. By the way have you seen the ADT devices on sale at Best Buy?


from what i understand the ADT sensors (900 MHz) are on their own radio separate from z-wave and zigbee: therefore, will not work with non ADT hubs. FYI

Yes, I’d like to see your setup and no I haven’t yet looked at the sale at Best Buy. I’ve been a little busy lately, preparing for a trip.

I don’t have that model hub, but I just use raceway (cable covers) on lots of wires around the house, and I think it looks fine. You can find this at Staples, Home Depot, Best Buy, and pretty much anywhere that sells home theater equipment. Here are some typical examples:

image image

Some brands are paintable, others come in many different colors.

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Thanks for the suggestion, looks good! I just need to install a new outlet where my wife wants the panel.

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Here is my install of the ADT panel.


Clean look, thanks for the image!

No problem. Switching over from Iris a few weeks ago, I have been really happy with it!

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Great looking install! Any tips on how to do this?

Thanks! I did a lot of research trying to figure out the best way to mount and hide the wires. Since the power adapter included was not rated for in wall installation, I searched on Google for 2GIG GC3 installation manual. This will give you the basic panel guide for the non ADT version. That’s where I found on page 28 the maximum wire gauge and length for connecting straight to the panel. This helped me figure out what type of in-wall rated alarm wire would work. The adt smartthings panel has the barrel connector attached into the back, so after fishing the power wire in the wall I had to carefully remove the mounting plate and then back out the small screws to remove the barrel connector. I then inserted the positive and negative wires into their terminals (positive and negative are marked on the circuit board). I then used a replacement 2GIG power supply with positive and negative screw terminals on it that allowed me to attach the other end of my wire. The model for this item is 2gig AC1 (I bought mine on Amazon). Hopefully this is helpful.

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I can’t even figure out how to get the back panel off! It is rather concerning that I won’t be able to get it OFF the wall if I ever manage to get it mounted.

It was tricky for me too. There are tabs at the top and bottom of the panel. That’s how you get the back panel off (pushing away or towards the center I don’t remember). Here is a link to my post within the thread. The post above this post is my reference in my post:

I just wanted to add from my experience for others who end up on this forum topic:

I can’t even figure out how to get the back panel off!

There is a screw at the bottom of the panel; its a tiny phillips bit. Back this screw out as far as you can and then you’ll be able to pull the bottom of the back panel cover away from the panel, pivoting the top tabs of the back panel cover whilst they are still in their receptacle. Next pull straight down on the panel cover while it is in this pivoted position to have the back panel cover very easily slide right off of the panel itself.

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Hi Mdterps,

I was reading your post on the 2gig AC1 and I am in the same situation where I will need to wall mount clean and run wire through wall and down to a basement outlet. I was wondering if you can share the wire that you used to attached to the 2gig ac1 and the panel? was it a 16-2 conductor power wire with a 300v capacity, that seems to match the one that came with the adt samsung home security kit. Would need to purchase a wire for my 2gig AC1 power suppy. Thank you!

For my install, I already had some in wall alarm wire (from an old wired ADT system) running above where I put the panel so I was able to use that wire. However, @reidburke did an awesome write up for what he used.

Thank you for the response. I will look up to write up.