Hidden options

(Minollo) #1

Where can I find documentation for “hidden options” which sometimes I discover browsing the existing smartapps?
For example, recently I was trying to make sure that my on/off master switch processed on and off events even when the state of the switch didn’t change; and I randomly bumped into this subscribe() option, which does exactly what I need: [filterEvents: false]; is there a documented list of such options and their semantics?

(Todd Wackford) #2


Lot’s of stuff hidden in there. :slight_smile:

(Minollo) #3

So, help me out a bit here; where do I find the information I mentioned above in there? I may well be blind, but I don’t see it mentioned as part of the subscribe() API. What am I missing?

(Todd Wackford) #4

I’m sorry, I did not read your question correctly. Not enough coffee yet. I will say though, I have learned quite a bit by downloading the device and app files and just browsing through them. I found some “hidden” gems as well as some nice techniques of coding.

(Minollo) #5

Indeed! That has also been my main source of non-obvious information… Not a very scalable way to learn, though…

(Joshua) #6

I agree, I am having to use the forums and the sample code for trying to figure out how to do specific things. It would be nice if the forums had the ability to search through them.