Hidden Gun Safe Idea

I was thinking about turning my office closet into a hidden room using a bookshelf, but after thinking for a bit I came up with a plan to do something a bit more elaborate.

I’m envisioning a 4x6 foot compartment that is lowered down from the attic when tripped using an electric winch of some sort. Somethign very similar to how this TV is hidden http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q59AIw-U9ZQ But it would need to be able to handle at least a couple hundred pounds.

Get a boat lift motor/winch and make friends with a carpenter or welder. I’ve got a setup along the same lines that’s rated to lift 1100 pounds.

That is actually the path I have started looking into. I grew up in a woodshop, and I am a decent welder…but I’m not much of an engineer so I’m still researching how it would be setup.

You could also build it in a wall and have a servo that spins like a lazy susan. I know sounds kind of “hollywoodish” but would probably be easier than a drop down gun safe. I guess I just get nervous when I think about something that weighs as half a ton hanging over my head.

A standard boat lift is rated for over a ton and most have a safety mechanism built in that has a servo cog that prevents free fall in case of failure. Mine has never done anything but be reliable and my load is 3,350 lbs. while I don’t use it to support a drop down gun safe, I’m fairly confident that it would do the job without any concerns. The standard lifts will have a 2 inch fitting that can easily accept a 2 inch pipe and you wrap steel cable on the pipe and attach that to whatever you want to lift. Add a couple of Hall effect sensors to determine up and down limits and you’re golden. I have an outdoor elevator / cage (outdoor elevator) setup that has probably been the most trouble free device I own ad aside from injecting synthetic grease in the provided grease (irk) fittings ever ear has been 100% reliable. I’ve ridden in it more times than I ca count - just ran a new 600 pound refrigerator up the other day.

How accurate are the up/down limits? It be no good to have it rip through the ceiling hehe.

Sorry, missed the post. The stock boat lift motor system doesn’t have limit switches. I had to use Hall effect sensors to a relay to cut the power at top/bottom. It stops almost immediately and will only let you reverse, not exceed its final position. Hacking up a single push button that’s press and forget to initiate up or down travel has been on the to-do list for over 2 years now. Adding an xbee and a key fob is n the same list.