Here's what the iOS app should look/work like (IMHO)

(Rob) #1

I’ve been using ST for two months now and I still get lost in the app.

I really want a simple rules engine. Here’s my proposed design for that.





Rule config would only be done in rules and nowhere else. Tapping any of the color buttons in rules would open a sheet with a list of the options for that thing. For example, tapping the red “ALL” would open a UI sheet with two options: ALL or ANY.

Tapping on a device would allow you to edit the name, icon, etc. NOTHING rule-related. Only the setup/config of the hardware. The red bolt icon indicates items that can be controlled from this screen. Tapping on the bottom portion of these devices would turn them on/off.

I’ve never understood the difference between the actions and the modes in ST. I have “Away” and “Goodbye.” I have “Night” and “Goodnight.” This needs to be simplified or at least clarified.

(Korban Hadley) #2

that would be a good idea for the backgroud color to go dark in night mode. The white background hurts my eyes :stuck_out_tongue: Optional feature ofcourse.


FYI - the link is broken…

(Rob) #5

Ok, I fixed the post. Thanks for the heads up.


The rules + rule editor absolutely nails it for me.

(Chris Jackson) #7

Rules editing is the thing that needs the most work overall in the app. This screen is just about what I would expect. I would even be happy with something along the lines of IFTTT.

The biggest issue is there is no real way to see all of the rules and quickly add and edit. Looking at the UI, it wasn’t immediately clear where to go or what to do.

I am not sold on the bottom nav, but overall, nice work.

(Rob) #8

Thanks Chris. Yeah, there are some details that need refining but I would love a rules editor like this one.