Here we go again

Not a week after a bug that cause my alarm not to disable, it’s back.

My alarm will not disable. I’ve restarted the hub, the app, unplugged my strobe. And nothing.

My system is dead simple. 2 door sensors, 1 leak sensor and a strobe alarm.

  1. Alarm never enables at set time. I have 12am every night, but enables at like 11ish

  2. Alarm won’t disable at declared time.

  3. I cannot manually disable anymore. Just hangs.

I’m really at a loss and so disappointed and how ST has dropped the ball.

It literally takes weeks to get a reply and another week+ for even a response.

Any help is appreciated, but i’m on the search for a new system, any suggestions?

Are you saying it arms an hour off? Timezone problems?

It appears to be a timezone issue when arming, but it won’t disarm, ever.

This was never an issue before. It’s beyond frustrating. It’s like every week a new issue.

I have a feeling your issues could stem from that. Bad timezone would make bad things happen.

I would do this:

  1. Put in a ticket (sounds like you have, but always do this first, they need to know). In your case it’s high priority, you aren’t getting any use, and you have a simple setup.
  2. Fix the timezone issue. There is a recent thread of someone who with help of support fixed theirs.
  3. Reduce your setup to a notification system for now. Take out SHM, and use notifications to tell you if there is a problem at home.
  4. Slowly add back routines and apps until your system becomes unstable, then undo the last change until stable.

Hope that helps, it’s what I’d do.

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Please don’t hesitate to reach out to support

Hopefully the timezone fix will solve your problems, if not please log a support request. This will be your fastest route to getting everything up and running. If one of the community member posts helped you to resolve the issue, please accept that post as the answer so your issue will be marked resolved.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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