Helping new folk: the first two questions


Had a chance to look at the new app on an android device. Features are really significantly different.

I strongly recommend going forward that whenever anyone who is clearly pretty new to smartthings needs help the first two questions for them should be

What version of the SmartThings hub do you have?


What version of the mobile app are you using?

Because going forward the answers that help that person are going to vary a lot depending on those two answers.

As of this writing, I believe Webcore is not available With the new app. (If I’m wrong on that, let us know.) But even the official features are very different. It doesn’t have anything called “routines” although it does have a rules engine.

Also, most people reading this probably already know the following, but As of this writing if you have the ADT model you have to use smartthings classic, and if you have the “Samsung connect home” model you have to use the new app at least to set up the router features.

Official FAQ:

(Jimmy) #2

Any custom app you installed in the classic app is available in the new app, including WebCore. So basically custom smart apps are available, but as of 3/30/18 1:10 PM mountain time, you have to install them via the classic app in order for them to show up in both.

(MarkTr) #3

“Things may have changed by the time you listen” :upside_down_face: