Help Zooz zen27 switch paddle stopped working

Hi - looking to learn about debugging switch problems one month into newly added smart switches in a whole house remodel.

#1 - The electrician wired up a zooz zen27 dimmer switch controlling 5 LED can lights in a 4-way set up. (12 W each x 5 LED can lights) The other switches are dumb on/off.

It worked fine for a month. Now the paddles won’t control the lights from any switch, but I can still control the lights from the app. Another similar setup for a set of lights in the same room still works.

Wondering what to check first -and what would cause it to stop working physically while it still works from the app. Hard reset the switch? the hub? switch hardware?

#2- On another switch - zen22 single pole with two undercabinet LED lights (triac dimmer, 14.6 w eatch), one of the lights doesn’t work. That one is probably the light since the switch controls the other light fine.

We are still dealing with moving so I haven’t had time to deal with things falling apart already!

I would start by contacting Zooz support at The Smartest House. They’re very good with Troubleshooting. (Zooz is their house brand.)



Try tapping the upper paddle 10 timer as quickly as possible (the LED indicator should blink twice) to change the smart bulb mode which disables physical control, you might have accidentally disabled paddle control here. If that doesn’t help, try the sequence again or exclude the switch from ST to reset it.

This sounds like the bulb may be bad or there is a loose connection between the lights, we recommend asking your electrician to take a look. If it was something on the switch, it wouldn’t control any of the lights.

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