Help with zwave

Hi all in need of some help I’m very new to the smartthings and I’m wanting to add spirit z trv to my hub as other recommended this and was easy to setup however mine won’t pair I’ve returned 1 and got a replacement but still no joy I’ve also got a fibaro implant and that’s the same so I’m wondering if my hub is faulty on the zwave is there a way to test its working

You’re not alone. There seems to be growing evidence that SmartThings is having trouble adding Z-wave devices right now.

See Aeotec water sensor 6 refuses to complete pairing.

Have you been able to add any z-wave devices? You can login to IDE at go to hubs, go to the z-wave section to see if it is functional.

If it is, try to exclude your z-wave devices and try to get them as close as possible to add. Click + (plus) select device then select the “by brand” section. If your brand is listed, try that option. If brand is not listed, use either the z-wave option or scan nearby at the bottom of the screen.

If still not able to pair, tell us every step you went through.

Last, you can contact ST support through the app and include logs from the app by going to menu > contact us.

Also, try rebooting your hub in IDE > hubs > view utilities > reboot hub

Hi I’ve rebooted hub. Tried to pair still no joy. Opened app press plus search nearby insert batteries into trv press button on try but then nothing happens.

Hi all as per previous post I’m struggling with connecting items to my hub v3 I’m trying to connect fibaio implant. But it’s coming up as a open / close contact I’ve got a couple of pictures from my hub just wondering if you think the hub maybe at fault.

There’s nothing wrong with your hub. If you look at the fingerprint in the Raw Description from your first screenshot you’ll see "type:0701 mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:0000 ". The only information being provided by the device is “type:0701” which results in the “closest match” being the device handler below:

As far as I know a Fibaro Implant requires a custom device handler and won’t pair correctly otherwise.

Thanks for reply I’ll have a play about with it