Help with ZWave Switch installation

I went to replace 2 switches (fan and light) in the bathroom. Before putting them back into the box I turned the power on to make sure they were working, and they were. I cut the power off and proceeded to push them into the box and screw in the wall plate. I turned the power back on and neither one was working.
I took them out again, reconnected everything, used my multimeter to make sure there was power and still nothing. I even tried using other switches but none worked.
Now I have all the wires sticking out and not knowing what to do.
Please help!
Thank You.

  1. possible range problem -
    1a. repair zwave network several times
    1b. plug-in zwave modules between hub and switches
    1c. repeat until insane

  2. cramming devices and wires into tiny box can break connections - been there.

Try replacing the switches with the original non-network switches. If you have the same problem, where they work when they are out of the box but they don’t work when they’re pushed back into the box, you probably have a broken wire which is only making a connection when it’s fully outstretched. either that or when you push everything back in two screws are making a connection and shorting out the circuit. But then you would usually see the lights come on and go off immediately. Sometimes the stuff is just really tricky to diagnose. :disappointed_relieved:

experience is what enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again. :wink:

Could it be the neutral wire? There were 4 of them in a wire nut and I had to loosen them up a little to attach these two. Do all four have to remain in contact with these two or do I just need neutral from 1?