Help with Window AC Unit to cool Wine Cellar

Just completed a wine cellar and found a device called the CoolBot that converts a wall/window mounted AC unit for use in walk-in coolers (down to 36 degrees, however, I only need 55 degrees for the cellar). I was considering this, however, the company recommended the controller be mounted inside the cellar and, looking at photos on their site, the install would look like crap.

I’ve considered smart thermostats but they can’t be set below 60 something degrees. I also thought about a heavy-duty smart switch but I’m not sure that the AC unit would like having the power cut in the middle of a cycle.

I also don’t think a “smart” AC unit would work since I doubt the temp could be set low enough. Is anyone aware of a ST compatible AC unit that I can control with some smartapp reading the temp via a remote sensor? Thanks!

I’m not feeling well this morning, so I can’t give you a very complete answer, but just take a look at the following thread and see if it gives you any ideas:

FAQ: Best way to control a AC (2017)

There are some community members who have wine cellars, guitar storage, cheese caves, etc. so hopefully some of them will chime in.