Help with what I thought was a simple temp notification

I’m trying to wrap my head around this. I’m sure it was simple or I at least envision it that way.

Here is where I want to start:

I’m trying to find a to hot and a too cold app. Then what I want to do is have it text me or notify me when I’m not at a specific location. And/or this one: Have it notify me when there is motion in my office when I’m not there. I thought I’d try and start with mode selections… Say I’m at work in the office (I have a hub in the office at work as well as home). If there is motion in the office notify me if I’m out of the office. But if I’m at work but just not in my office, don’t notify / text.

I’m looking at starting with three to four “simple ones”…

  1. Text/notify me if a door open when I’m not at the office.
  2. Text/notify me if the temp rises above or below a specific amount when I’m not in the office.
  3. Text/notify me if there is motion when I’m not at work.

Something like that… I’ve been poking around and trying to find apps that will do this… Also trying to set modes that say when I’m not at the office/work that would take the geofence into account, but I’m not sure it works that way. Ex: If I’m out of the office geofence then I’m in mode selection Away From Office. ??

Any info at all or help is greatly appreciated!

Go to My Smartapps and search by device type

1.) Left It Open (found under multi device type)
2.) It’s Too Cold/Virtual Thermostat (found under multi device type)
3.) Notify Me When (found under motion device type)

Those are just a few that will accomplish what you’re looking for.

The auto mode changer I use is the Bon Voyage and Greetings Earthlings smartapp.

This is for use with a safe, vault or secure room. Covers all your bases plus some:

In terms of setting mode based on presence, I made this as well:

And have this simple security system installed for “Away” mode and it accounts for presence lag (so if you come in the door, it waits a few seconds before triggering the alarm):

If you have a foscam, you can use this device type:

And have the mode arm / disarm the motion sensor of the camera:

I have my foscam move to a preset location when disarmed (against a wall, so it’s not so creepy) - but turn to the door when it’s armed. The camera itself is configured to upload pictures to an offsite FTP, where they’ll be safe. For that site, I’m using a custom made image gallery written in PHP (I can offer source if interested) - and secured with standard .htaccess.

Thanks for everyone that replied. I’m going to check them all out. I did check out a few tho. With the It’s too Cold app; I couldn’t get it to work at all. It keeps saying to fill out all required fields. I think it has to do with the turn a heater on field.

I’m going to try some of these right now and check back in.

Again, thanks for all of your time.

This is for use with a safe, vault or secure room. Covers all your bases plus some:

I’m giving this a try right now. I’ve copied the text in and saved and published it to me. I think that is the correct way.
I’ve filled in a few things and such. Is that right?

Can this one do the notify me only when temps are such and such when I’m not at the office?
If I want to set another sensor or a set, do I had this again and call it a different name?

I didn’t see this under my installed smartapps on my mobile device, is that correct?


@muunchy - looks like you’ve published it correctly. You’ll now have to install the app from the ST phone app. Go to “Explore SmartApps” -> “My Apps” -> “Safe Watch” -> “Configure SmartApp” and fill in all the relevant info.

Yes, to set it up for multiple safes, rooms, etc - just install the app again and give it a new name.

For each app instance installed, you specify a temperature sensor (such as the Multi) and a low & high temperature. If it goes outside your defined range, it’ll either send you a push notification or a text message depending on how you configure it.


I don’t see My Apps at all anywhere in the phone app. I do not see a My Apps category… ??

oh man… I had to re-log to get it to show. duhh.

Does anyone know if there is any modes or such that are from a specific hour to hour… Example. 8-5 mon to fri.

I find the presence for me goes wonky here and there. It’s switch me to away mode when I’m actually not because it can’t see my phone (android) for whatever reason. I’ve widened the geofence circle to see if that will do anything. But I was maybe thinking. If it’s between this time and on this day then assume this mode and if I’m not at home. I dunno, just thinking aloud here.