Help with switch wiring

Ok, still an electrical beginner here. I can’t seem to figure out how to wire two pairs of wd500z-1 in place.

The previous configuration had two switches. One that controlled the foyer light and the second that controlled a light outside the main door. All I got in the switch box is see first pic. I also haven’t explored behind the lights yet but figured its time to ask the experts.

The best luck I had is with the follow configuration below. They both will control the lights individually but on the outside light the bulb flickers fast when its off.

Outside Light

Switch Wire
Blue - Black
White - Red
Black - White

Switch Wire
blue - red
white - black
black - white

Any idea’s?

Most likely you don’t have neutral at the switch box. One of the wire is your line hot. This wire is the one with a short jumper between the 2 switches. The other 2 wires are your load wires. One for your outside and the other one is for your foyer. Only option for you is in wall relay module at the light fixture but you have to look what’s in there first and determine where your line hot and neutral are.


Like Ray Said you have no neutral wire. It looks like they used the Red wire for one and the white wire for the other. What you have basically is an interrupt switches. You need to place and IN wall one at the lights or you will need to run a neutral. I would go for the in-wall one on the fixtures.