Help with scheduling?

I just moved (and also got a new phone) so I am starting to set up my ST system again. For now, all I want is my motion detector and leak detector working. I can’t figure out this new app. I think I have the sensors set up correctly but I can’t find anywhere to set up a schedule.
I want the motion sensor to alert me in the Away mode but I only want that Mon-Fri from 8AM - 3PM. But I want the leak detector to send an alert to my phone 24/7. I can manually do this but I can’t find any scheduling inthe new app.
Am I missing something?

It is recommended that you continue using the SmartThings Classic app at this point. The new app does not have all the functionality that is currently available in the old app.


Thanks. Weird that a new app doesn’t do things the old app did. Any ideas on what the new app is good for?

Good question. I guess I should point you to two existing threads on the subject.


If you want to try the new app, here’s how to do these:

Create a custom automation. Automations tab> tap + sign (on iOS)> tap custom automation

Under the same automation tab, choose Smart Home Monitor instead of custom automation.

Thank you. I don’t regular visit the forums. Looks like I’ve missed alot.
Just one more quick thing. Since it has been a long time since I’ve set up ST, since I want the leak detector to send a notification anytime, isn’t that the “default”. IOW do I need to do anything special?

When I originally set it up I don’t recall having to do anything other than add it.

You can set that up in Smart Home Monitor in the Classic app.


Just remembered, by default, the new app sends moisture alerts. No setup needed other than adding the device. So if alerts is all you want, you may be good. If you want to close valves, turn on lights, etc. then you’ll have to setup Smart Home Monitor in either app.

thank you.