Help with resetting a WS15Z5-1

Help with installing a WS15Z5 GoControl zwave Light switch.

I have it installed and I can turn the light on and off manually. But it seems the switch needs reset to add it to ST.

Instructions say:
To Reset Unit (If Required): In the event that your primary Controller is lost or otherwise inoperable, to reset the WS15Z5-1 and clear all network information, follow these steps: 1. Tap the top of the switch fi ve (5) times. 2. Press and hold the bottom of the switch for 15 seconds. The LED will increasingly blink faster to indicate that a Reset is taking place.

I tried the above, but my LED never blinks.

Am I doing something wrong?

So I finally got it to reset. You have to push the top switch 5 times quickly… Now I’m trying to get it to connect to the ST hub. According to the directions it just says to add the device to the ST hub and that should work.

The instructions say:Adding to a network:
Refer to your Controller operating instructions to add this switch under the command
of the Wireless Controller.

  1. With your Controller in Discovery or Add Mode, tap the switch. The LED will blink
    slowly when in ADD Mode.
  2. You should see an indication on your Controller that the “device was added” to
    the network and the LED will stop blinking.
  3. The device will appear in the list of Switches. It should display as a switch.
    If the Controller/Gateway shows the addition failed, repeat Steps 1-3.

But I don’t see that you need to do anything to the light switch to put it in paring mode…

Hopefully this will help someone else out in the future…

Thanks to a google search I found the answer on and Amazon Review…
Go figure…
The review said to: pair with the Veralite controller, firmware v7 you need to “double tap” the switch then it pairs right away. Well I don’t have a Veralite. But it was the same model And low and behold I did a double tap and the light started blinking and added the device to ST.

I just wish that Manufactures would put out some better instructions… Because the instruction manual didn’t say anything about doing that…


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