Help with replacement Hub

Okay here is the deal and I need help.

I ordered a ST and when it arrived I created an account and went to activate the hub. I got the euro when I entered the welcome code saying that the hub had already been activated and it couldn’t be activated. I had a new hub sent to me and have hooked it up and entered the app. No where in the app is it giving me an option to enter the welcome code. The light on the front is green but in the app it shows it being offline and inactive. How do I activate the new hub or add it into the system.

Menu (upper right)
My Locations
Menu (upper right again)
Add location

I think that should do it.


@Ron thanks for the help on that Ron. Worked like a charm. I’m 110% new at this so I have a feeling there is going to be more question as I get further into building my network, getting things set up and trying to set routines etc.

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@rushboys Welcome to the community. When you have questions search and you will likely find your answers. When you don’t post a question and you will find the folks here very friendly and helpful ! Get ready for some frustration and have fun, LOL.