Help with polling

i have these two device handlers (one for a socket and one for a etrv) that were working fine a few days ago but today i noticed that during its scheduled refresh/poll it throws this error on both
error java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException @line 443 (poll)
the schedule triggers the refresh, which calls the poll, the confusing thing is that when i press the refresh button in the (classic) mobile app it works and refreshes with no errors.

the smart app house the route
def apiURL(path = '/') { return "${path}" }

both DH have an error on the last line of this
def poll() {
def body =
if (device.deviceNetworkId.contains("/")) {
body = [id: (device.deviceNetworkId.tokenize("/")[0].toInteger()), socket: (device.deviceNetworkId.tokenize("/")[1].toInteger())]
else {
body = [id: device.deviceNetworkId.toInteger()]
log.debug " body= $body "
log.debug " api $parent.api"
def resp = parent.apiGET("/subdevices/show?params=" + URLEncoder.encode(new groovy.json.JsonBuilder(body).toString()))

when i manual refresh

when it does it on schedule

Any ideas ??


ok this si the probile line, it works when manuall refresh is click but not when triged via a run in
httpGet(uri: “${path}”, headers: apiRequestHeaders()) {response ->

i think its smartthings security.