Help With Piston

Why isn’t this piston working?

It simply refuses to “clear” the variable if not changes have been decected after 5 minutes. When checking the variable if find it to be 7-9 even though it says current evaluation=true.

If I simulate the piston it will then clear. But not on its own.

Please note: The piston works to send notifications. However NOT to clear ther variable. This means that if “activity” is detected 3-4-5-6 times in a row, even if hours have passed by, it will notify me.

Noted. I will give it a try.

I would change this to a latching piston and add everything you have in the ELSE IF to the BUT IF.

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I bet it’s caused by a mix of conditions and triggers. Change your Else If evaluation from “did not change” to “stays inactive”. You should be able to see this effect immediately after vibration stops, a timer should show up in the Else If part, counting down from 5 minutes.

So far Rob’s suggestion seems to be working. I will gove the other suggestions a try if it doesn’t. Thanks everyone!

The (actions1) are executed if (conditions1) is true, (actions2) are executed if (conditions1) is false and (conditions2) is true, (actions3) are executed if both (conditions1) and (conditions2) are false.

“Changes to Active” stays true. It does not look to see if it changes to Inactive. The ELSE IF only runs when the IF is false. Where as…“is Active” is more dynamic. The IF will be false once activity stops.

Noted. Thanks for the information.

Its is driving me crazy. Simplt refuses to work. Used latching and it still doesn’t work. Take a look:

It says true meaning the TimesInRow variable should be 0 BUT

It is not! However if I simulate it it will clear it.

How do I do the TCP cancel on piston change?

Ok found it. Thanks! Let’s see how this goes.

That did the trick. It seems to be setting the variae to 0 finally.

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