Help with On-Time of GE dimmer switch

I have two GE dimmer switches. The first one installed was 12729 which is a conventional “pole” stile light switch. I put this in my wife’s office and it works great. Click up and immediately the ramp up starts to last brightness. Works great.

So I bought another switch for the room outside her office. A GE 12724 which is a “paddle” style switch. When I click the on, there is a 2-3 second delay before ramp up. When clicking on, the LED bulbs come on at their VERY minimum brightness (even lower than the lowest I can set it to with the switch or app), then a 2ish second delay, then the ramp up to last brightness begins.

I have tried the “Dimmer Fix” apps, but they seem to only affect the ramp speed and interval. In fact, I don’t see any setting for initial delay in the manual for the switch.

Anyone else with this issue, or ideas?

EDIT: It should be noted that it only does this after the switch has been inactive for over a minute (or so). If I just click it on and off repeatedly, it works as expected. Almost as if it is somehow “asleep”.

Most likely because of the low wattage of your LED bulb. You can try swapping the bulb from your wife’s office for testing.

They were the same bulbs made by Sunco. In her office is an array of 6, in the living room where the issue is there are 9.

Some bulbs just don’t work well with certain switch. The other choice you have is remove 3 LEDs and test or try another brand LED. The delay is due to charging up the led circuit.

Thanks. It doesn’t bother me so much, but the wife complains.