Help with Logitech Harmony Smart Control/Direct Tv - Not all buttons are seen on cellphone

I tried looking for an answer in Logitech forums. Maybe someone here can help me.

I’ve gotten my Logitech Smart Controller to work with everything, but there’s one hitch. I can’t get my DirectTV “RED” button to come up under the TiVo activity.

When I look under devices, I can see the Colored buttons, but they disappear under the TiVo activity. I’ve rerun the setup activity, trying it with the Tivo device and the TiVo Medishare device, but no change. I’d like to be able to delete recordings without having to switch over to devices. Any recommendations?

Under Watch Tivo activity:

Under DirecTv Device:

Looks like there isn’t a way to customize the activity buttons for the mobile app like there is for the remotes. But it looks like gestures on the mobile app have a lot more functionality than they do on the touchscreen remotes. I played around with this briefly (I usually use the remotes, rarely the app) and it appears you can map any device’s command onto the gestures for your TiVo activity. You just have to choose the gesture screen (the raised finger hand) to invoke it . To do this:

Choose the hand with the raised finger, touch the ‘i’ icon on the lower left of the touchpad, touch the green pencil at the top right corner to get into edit mode, select whether you want to make a two-finger or one finger gesture, then choose the gessture. You can then map a command or sequence of commands from any of your devices. You want to then exit the editing mode by selecting the ‘<’ at the top left.

I’m just not understanding why the commands that show up under Devices aren’t showing up under Activities. Kinda sucks that I’m losing some functionality.

It seems like they just show a pared down set of activity buttons on the mobile app; it does seem kind of half baked that they don’t allow full customization. But they do give you access to every device command via a customized gesture that can be customized for each activity. That’s the reverse of how they implemented it with the touchscreen remotes (you can add activity soft buttons for every device, yet the touchscreen remote’s activity gestures are limited to transport controls and volume).