Help with Keyfob & Single Button Devices

I’m trying to get various keyfobs and single button devices working and I’m having some trouble, I’ve tried using the Swann and Securifob Device templates altered for my devices clusters and endpoints but I keep running into the same problem. The devices pair and I see a series of initial button presses but nothing after that. After the initial series of messages button presses no longer seem to show up in the logs so I can’t progress any further.

The keyfob is a Lite-On ZigBee CHK-001 Keyfob and I’m not sure who makes the Single Button switches.

Any help getting these working would be appreciated.

SmartThings uses the Zigbee Home Automation profile, and devices using that profile are usually the most successful.

Devices using the Zigbee Pro profile will usually pair but many have difficulty staying paired. People have been working on the xioami sensors for months, for example, and still run into issues.

And of course if it’s a proprietary Zigbee profile it becomes very complicated.

So it’s helpful if you can find out what profile is being used as it can guide the additional work.

Did you get a chance to look at the securifi fob thread where they created the original device handler? It’s my favorite example of the process. In particular the problems they run into and the tools they use to solve them can be instructive. :sunglasses:

@erocm1231 has recently done a couple of these, he may have some thoughts.

I believe they’re both HA and also not a proprietary ZigBee. I did look through the securifi fob thread and tried some things with the same results. My feeling is that this has something to do with the 0500/0501 clusters and the need to complete that process as well.

I made some great progress by starting with the NYCE Motion Sensor device handler as a base. Now I can see the raw messages when buttons are pressed on both devices. I believe setting the HubID in little endian during the enroll process was the key. Now I just have to parse the messages and figure out why the single button has issues when the tamper switch is pressed.