Help with installing smart switch

Im looking to install a wink switch a need help which wires to connect.

I have one of thise GE Wink Switches which has red white black and green wires:

Currently the switch is connected to one blue wire and one red wire.

In the wall there are 2 white cables (connected) , 2 black back cables (connected) and a red/blue cable connected.

How should I connect the switch?

This doesn’t sound like a normal on/off switch.

Is this switch part of a 3 or 4 way switch setup (the lights it turns on and off do other swtiches also turn that light on or off?)?
Does this switch dim a light?
Do these red and blue wires connected to the black and white wires?

Are you in the US? Or in Europe? The blue wires are more typical of European wiring.

I’m in the US not Europe.

The switch only appears to change one light but it looks like the light is actually connected to a power outlet behind the wardrobe.

Also to clarify only the red and blue wires are connected to the current switch. The others are just in the wall.

Can you take a picture with the wires still attach?

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Guys, wire colors are not mandated in the US any color can be used for any run. While black, white and red are the most common to find but if the electrician got a hold of a bunch of red and blue wire it’s perfectly ok to use it. Its just not very common. If you comfortable with electricity get a test kit so you can figure out what is line, load, neutral and ground. once you have it figured out label them, take a few pics to document the before… just incase you need to go back and get to the rewiring. If you’re not comfortable with electricity call an electrician and watch everything he/she does so you can learn.


Here is a photo I have.

If its not clear enough I can take another when I get home tonight.

You also need to get a picture of how the wires attached to the screws on the back plate. This is very important information, especially if you need to put the switch back the way it was.

If you have multiple lines of the same color attaching to the same switch, tag each line and take a picture of that before you start undoing things.

We all think we’ll remember exactly how it was, but we never do. :sunglasses: