Help with IFTTT Android Device service (Connects or disconnects from a specific WiFi network)

I have an IFTTT Applet on my phone that invokes a webCoRE Piston in ST that then changes the state of a ST Simulated Presence Sensor accordingly. This uses the noted Android Device service trigger, and invokes the webCoRE Pistion via the IFTTT Webhooks service’s Make a web request action. This works pretty well (for me.)

I tried to duplicate this on my wife’s Android phone, but the IFTTT Applet on that phone won’t run. I’ve double checked the SSID, URLs, etc. many times, and even went so far as to uninstall/reinstall IFTTT on her phone, but I’m having no luck. To fill in some addition detail, I created a separate IFTTT account for my wife. Our phones are both Samsung Galaxy S7’s (although mine is the Edge and hers is the regular S7.) The IFTTT Applet on my wife’s phone actually did trigger a few times once, about 10 minutes after turning WiFi off and on a few times, but since then, nothing.

So the question is, can anyone think of why an IFTTT Applet using the Android Device service’s WiFi connect/disconnect trigger might not work? I know this is probably a question for IFTTT, but I was hoping maybe someone on this forum had any ideas.

For the sake of anyone that might run across this in the future…

Went through a whole bunch of other settings on my wife’s phone, but nothing seemed to help. Then finally I noticed her phone was in medium power savings mode. I thought I had made enough settings changes on the phone to allow IFTTT to work normally, even in this power savings mode, but apparently not. When I took the phone out of power savings mode, IFTTT started running like a champ!