Help with Homebridge Contact Sensors

Hi, I have a number of Homekit (Elgato Eve Door/Window) sensors in my home and it would be good to use some of them for the Smart Home Monitor alarm.

So far I have tried mirroring their status into a virtual device but I can’t find a virtual device type that SHM will use as a trigger AND Apple Homekit automations will allow the state to be set. E.g. if I use a virtual contact sensor HK will report that “sensors cannot be automated because they are always on”.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Search the forum for “universal device type and translator”.

This is a virtual device that is sensor and switch at the same time. Changing the state of one also changes the other. E.g. when the switch turns on, the sensor changes to open… its highly configurable and

Thank you for the helpful pointer. It does indeed work.

I have some issues to work out with HK showing all of the capabilities even though I have tried to add them to an exceptions list in the HB-ST config. I’ll keep working to learn if there’s a way around that.

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