Help with GE dimmer hook up

just bough ge dimmer switch at lowes. direction per hook up state connect 2 wires, load and lead and off you go.
when i opened my light switch box (2 switches for light and fan) i found a crap load of wires. Red, black white and ground.
i was planning on leaving the old fan switch in and using the new dimmer for the light portion only. i could not figure out how to connect the switch. the red wire was screw me up. i had only one Load wire coming out of wall, then to the light switch and then jump to fan switch. Red wire was connected to the light switch. when i connected the New dimmer switch, i tried every wire option i can google. nothing worked.
tried: load, lead and red wire to traveler
tried: load, lead

any help would be appropriated.
i would like to have dimmer option on fan in my kid room, since she does’t like sleeping in total darkness

Okay, so you have a common lead line (that the wire coming from the breaker box/fuse panel) and it daisy chained from the light switch to the fan switch. No issue there, all good.

Aside from the lead, what other wires were/are connected to the light switch?

red, and another black
all nutral wires are tided together in back of the box
all ground wires are tided together in the back of the box
4-6 other black wires are also in the back of the box, not used

Okay, just want to make sure I understand. The old switch had a lead wire coming in, then a black and a red going out?

stand by, i’ll post a pic

Also… forgot to ask… this isn’t part of a three-way setup, is it?

no 3 way. just a light & fan switch by the side of the door

since i’m new user, i can’t upload pics. :frowning:

Sounds like this is your answer:


  • Black from panel to “Feed” terminal (Power In)
  • Red to “Load” terminal (Power to Light)
  • White to “Neutral” terminal (return to panel - needed by the GE Dimmers)
  • Ground to Ground


  • Black from panel to “Feed” terminal (Same as above)
  • Black to “Load” terminal (Fan Speed)
  • White to Neutral (return)
  • Ground to Ground

You will probably need to add a White from the bundle in the back to at least the GE Dimmer, maybe to the Fan Also.

The OTHER use for 3-way wiring is to run two separate switched leads into a device (like your fan). So, what is being done here is:

Black from the panel brings power to both switches
White closes the circuits back to the panel

Black to the Fan brings power to the fan motor from the fan speed switch
Red to the fan brings power to the Light from the GE Dimmer
White FROM the fan completes the circuit.

WARNING: I’m not an electrician - follow these instructions at your own risk (but this will probably work right).

current set up:

  • red wire on top of the light switch
    black wire on bottom connected to to the fan switch bottom
    black wire on top of fan switch going in to the wall

tried connecting the zwave dimmer: black on top, black on bottom. capped red wire
result: blue light not on
2nd try: lead, load, red on traveler
result: fan light turn on, no blue light, no operations

Okay, so with the old switch it was just black in at the bottom, then black from bottom to bottom of fan switch, and then red out the top?

If that’s the case than yeah, what SA said: You’re red is the “load” that is connecting through to your light.

So black lead from breaker box goes to lead on the z-wave… also daisy chains from the same contact over to the fan switch.

Then connect red to the load contact. Give that a try.

thanks for the reply. i’ll try that before the week is over.

thanks again

Upload a pic to and post it here