Help with GE 12722 & 12723

I am trying to install GE 12722 and 12723 switches on a three way circuit but ran into an issue. I have a switch at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top of the stairs. In between are three lights controlled by both switches. I pulled the wiring and it looks like this diagram (option 4):

I can get the 12722 switch to work at the top of the stairs (the switch on left if you are looking at the picture) but the issue is the AUX switch (12723) at the bottom of the stairs (the switch on the right if you are looking at the picture). It requires just a traveler and neutral. The second box were I want to install the AUX switch has 3 wires (a traveler and 2 hots but no neutral). Anyway to re-purpose my existing wiring to accomplish this. I know that the new z-wave switches don’t require as many wires but I am not sure which of the two hots I can re-purpose by just switching the connections at the light. I would leave the traveler alone.

  1. White wire from right switch to fixture that’s connected to black. - Remove and connect the white wire to the white bundle at the light fixture. That will now be your neutral.
  2. The black wire previous remove from step 1 - connect that to the black bundle at the light fixture. That is now your load. Cap the end at the right light switch. You don’t need it.
  3. Red will be your neutral.

That’s probably the easiest for identifying.

I assume you meant the red would be the traveler. Thanks.

Sorry, that was what I meant. Red is Traveler.

Just be careful, some wires colours aren’t always used as expected.

For example I have a single switch upstairs the uses a red wire…

Thanks both for the advice. I had thought thats what I should do but wanted a second opinion. Took an hour today to remove both switches and light, confirm the wiring, rewire the light, install the smart switch and add on switch and connect it to my hub. Everything is up and running smoothly.