Help with format for Dimmer and API


I know this works for turning on a switch

{ "commands": [ { "component": "main", "capability": "switch", "command": "on", "arguments": [] } ] }

But I can’t get set the level of the dimmer using.

{"commands": [{"component":"main","capability": "switchLevel","command": "setLevel","arguments": [{"integer": 20}]}]}

Do I have to send two commands or can it be done in one?

This body is used to send a command directly to the API, right? The property integer is not needed in this case:

{"commands": [{"component":"main","capability": "switchLevel","command": "setLevel","arguments": [20]}]}

For future reference, it is only required in the commands of a Rule. For example:

    "command": {
        "devices": [
        "commands": [
                "component": "main",
                "capability": "switchLevel",
                "command": "setLevel",
                "arguments": [{
                    "integer": 20

Yes, this is being directly sent to the API. The code provided worked. Thank you.