Help with eWelink Zigbee bulbs

I purchased these bulbs from Amazon and I can’t get them to show up in the eWelink app. Looks like the ST integration relies on the bulbs working correctly within the eWelink app first.

I’m choosing wifi setup as the option and it’s not detecting the bulb, I saw that it requires a 2.4ghz wifi network; I have Google Mesh which apparently broadcasts both, without the option to only broadcast 2.4… any suggestions on how to get these bulbs to be detected?


I have the e12 or candelabra size bulbs, and they work with the ZLL RGBW Bulb DTH (handler).

Here is the info that mine show:

  • application: 07
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: eWeLight
  • model: ZB-CL01
  • zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER
    Raw Description 01 C05E 0210 02 07 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 0300 00

I would have expected the ones you have to work the same.

What DTH are they using now?

Those are Zigbee devices, so Wi-Fi set up won’t do it. They need to be connected to a zigbee hub.

As @blkwll noted, they should connect fine to a smartthings hub. So you would be using that instead of the eWeLink app.

Do you have a smartthings hub, and if so, which model?


ahhh… you are right, JD, most members do assume the Smarthings Hub being in the picture.

At least I keep doing it. … dangit!

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I’ve been running in a “hub optional“ configuration for about a year now, so I’m just more aware of it. :sunglasses:

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Hey there! @Shane_White, As @JDRoberts stated, they would need to be connected to a Zigbee Hub.

Here are the steps if you are Using the ST Hub for the On-Boarding process for Zigbee bulbs:

Once the bulbs are placed into pairing mode per manufacturer instructions. You would following the onboarding process by using the “Scan Nearby”. Note: Make sure the device is in range and ready to connect to the ST Hub.

I hope this message finds you well!



Sure do - it’s a v2 hub. I’m assuming I don’t try to add by vendor, then? (This simply wants to connect to my eWelink app and make the association that way…)

This worked beautifully - so easy! Thanks very much.


Hey there! @Shane_White, Glad you got it working beautifully that’s awesome news to hear! Keep in mind that when adding Z-Wave/Zigbee devices you would need the devices in Pairing mode prior to using the Scan Nearby Feature where sometimes the device will auto-populate for the on-boarding process without having to actually perform the Nearby scan. Keep in mind that adding by Brand is mostly used for linking Certified devices that are using the WiFi-only protocol vs the Zigbee and Z-wave protocols.

I hope this message finds you well!